The Possibility of Possibilities



As I write this post, there is a blanket of snow covering my neighbourhood. Nature has put a halt to any progress spring may have made in my area. So I must be patient and wait a little while longer.

The week before the snow arrived, we had a few really good days. Bright and sunny with just a hint of warmth. Perfect conditions for crocuses and the like to peek their shoots up above ground. Just enough to give you a sense of hope.

And with that hope comes the possibility of possibilities and your mind cranks itself up like a long unused motor. Slowly, at first as it works the lubricant of creativity through the grey matter but soon sputters to life with ideas for a new cycle.

Spring is natures New Year. The start of new life. The seasonal wheel has come around again and begins a new rotation. What will she create?

Do you feel it? That little coal of life inside you that was dampened down for the long winter rest and now is ready to be sparked up again. Its fuel is passion and creativity and this is the time of year to gather up more kindling to add to the fire.

The time had come for those dreams you dreamed during your long winter nap to become reality. It is time to gather up what you will need, the tools, the seeds (ideas) and make a plan.

If you want to make hay when the sun shines later in the year, than you have to develop a solid plan now so you are prepared as best as possible for success.

What is possible for you is what is in your heart and what you dream your life could be. Your possibilities are very different from mine or any one else’s.

How exciting that you can create a dream that is unique and as individual as you are. That concept alone should fuel that dampened down coal of life that glows deep inside you.

And if you choose to follow the natural cycle of life that mother earth has etched out for us, then now is the time to gather all the possibilities inside of you and manifest a plan.

There is five weeks left before the vernal equinox. Spring is truly around the corner folks. What do you want to accomplish this year? What part of your life do you want to grow?

It is time to consider what is possible and what can be achieved. It is a time to hope and to believe. It is time to crank up your passion, bank up that internal fire, feed it fresh creative fuel and stoke it up.

The seeds from nature that were sown late in the fall and buried deep for safe keeping to wait out the winter are now swelling to life, and soon they will burst forth with fresh, green, shoots. Vibrant with possibility and hope.  Harvest Time – Are You Reaping What You Sowed?

Spring is the season to come alive, to create, to grow….. to become. But right now, while there is still time, it is the season of possibilities. Gather them up, make a plan and get ready.

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