3 x 3 Project – Week #2

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Future



If there is one thing that I have learned in my life, it is that if a synchronistic event presents itself, do not over think it, just get out of the way of yourself and let it happen.

How do I know synchronicity is at play? Well for one thing, events happen quickly, especially if you are in a state of allowing.

Such was the case last week as I began the tasks I set out for myself for the 3 x 3 Project.

It’s amazing how when you focus your intent, and then open yourself to the universe, insights, opportunities, and objects can easily manifest. This week was like the universe had been waiting for me to make my declaration of intention and once I did it said, “Okay, you need to start here.”

The very day after I blogged the first post about the 3 x 3 Project, an email came in from Hay House Books for the launch of a new book from Carrie Green titled, “She Mean Business, Turn Your Ideas Into Reality And Become A Wildly Successful Entrepreneur” Now I don’t usually give promotional emails too much energy. I get them from time to time and know they all make big promises but for some reason, I decided to read this email.

Well as you might have guessed I ordered the book and 4 days later, it arrived, which in itself is part of the synchronistic event because most of the Canadian women on the Facebook site attached to this book were complaining that the book was back ordered and would not arrive for several weeks. Yet here was my copy at my door.

Now I’m not going to go into what the book is about because, though it is full of great information, some of which I needed to hear, it was the emotions that the book brought up in me within the first chapters that changed my whole perspective on what I was attempting to do as a business.

Reading the book, and clicking on the bonus information online made me feel old and way out of my league. All the woman entrepreneurs featured are young, beautiful and on the pulse of social media.

I became overwhelmed and started to doubt myself. Who does this old lady think she is anyway? How was I ever going to compete in the big sandbox with successful woman like these?

And then it hit me.

I’m not suppose to compete against them or anyone like them. They are not my tribe. My tribe are mature woman. They are the ladies who I am meant to speak to.

Once I got that clear, the “aha” moments flooded into my head. But the most important truth that came out was that it was time to change my blog’s name. I had been the Crones Apprentice for the past 3 years. I was no longer the apprentice, I have become the teacher.

So I have decided to change my blog’s name to Crone Confidence to reflex this.

My new mission statement: Wise, older woman are the most powerful brand females come in. My mission is to help older women all over the world discover this power.

Well now, this changes quite a lot. The actions I planned for last week kind of morphed as I worked through my new plan.

I created the quote file as I hoped. I answered the questions, which of course helped in altering my path and I was going to wait and think about my about page but then I thought, just do it. You can always change it later. That is the neat thing about having your own site. So I did. Check it out.

I also realized that I have a book inside me and following another tip I learned from Slade Roberson of Shift Your Spirit  I begun to write down all the ideas for this book onto index cards in order to sort out at a later date.


As I think about my 3 actions for the upcoming week, I find my head is in a swirl. It is exciting to have lots of new ideas and possibilities. Still, I need to stay focused. That is the only way to make progress.

I guess you will just have to check in next week and find out what those actions are.












































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