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Are you feeling blocked, unmotivated?  Not sure what to do next with your life?

Well then, it’s time to do what the experts do and make something up.

Who are these experts? Children of course, the most authentic masters of imagining there is.

Kids don’t weigh down their minds worrying about what others will think about what they make up in their minds. They are too busy playing and building on their present fantasy to even care.

Watch closely as a group of children play “Let’s Pretend”. There is no competition. There is just energy and excitement as ideas flow out of their innocent mouths.

A game of “Let’s Play House” soon morphs into having pretend tea, and then maybe into Tonka trucks with plastic teacups digging in the sand box and no one worried once if it made sense or not.

If you want to unblock your life, consider opening yourself up to your imagination.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

The older we get, the more we get stuck in our ways. Heck, it worked before, why not now. Except, it’s not working now and you are not choosing to look outside of the situation for a solution. Maybe it hasn’t even occurred to you that you can.

So instead, you stay cemented where you are. Soon, the ability to move forward becomes frustrating slow and before you know it, your motivation slows to a glacial pace, because your life all seems so blah.  Never changing.

This is where your imagination can help you.

Imagination is the foundation of creativity, and creativity, is the fuel needed to create change in your life. In order to manifest anything, it first must be born as a thought in your head. Imagination takes that thought and transforms it into anything you wish.

When you get stuck in life, it may be because you have stopped taking your imagination out to play.

Imagination is like a muscle in our body. It requires regular exercise. But instead of treadmills and free weights, your imagination uses play, fantasy and visualization to strengthen it.

One of the best games to play in order to get your imagination flowing again is:

What if?

  • What if I didn’t have this soul sucking job? What else would I like to do?
  • What if I lived somewhere else? What amenities would I like to live close to?
  • What if I started to exercise regularly? How would a stronger body effect my life?
  • What if I decided to go back to school? What courses would I like to take?
  • What if I decided to travel? Where would I like to go?

Did one of these “what if’s” spark your interest? If only for a moment, did images float across your mind and spark a jolt of emotion in you? Did you get a glimmer of possibility?

That was your imagination wanting to come out and play.

And here is one more “what if “. What if you let it come out and play, what might you imagine?

Your imagination is a superpower. It can create new worlds. It can alleviate boredom. It can offer up a multitude of different possibilities that can get you unstuck and moving forward in your life, and you need to do nothing more than sit still and allow it to flow.

Perhaps it is time to draw out your inner child to show you what, once again, your imagination can do. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.  So bring it out, dust it off and enjoy the ride. Imagine what your imagination can create for you?

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