The 3 x 3 Project – Week 7

What is the 3 x 3 Project?

My online friend, Slade Roberson wrote a interesting post on his site, Shift Your Spirits entitled Change Your Life In 3 Months .

The formula is simple:

Perform 3 action each week that move you closer to your goal.

Do it for 3 months.

Set down the framework for each month and then focus on the weekly actions. This is a bite size action plan that can work on any goal you want to achieve. Think big but act small.

This is my experience with the concept.


Time To Get Organised




So here I am, 7 weeks in and life is getting in the way.

I feel like a carnival juggler, where each week, another ball gets thrown into the mix and I’m suppose to keep them all suspended in the air as I maneuver the ones in my hands.

I tend to be good with details but even that skill has its limits. So I have come to the conclusion that if I want to stay in this circus, I need to get organised.

What I found this week is that I was becoming confused with what social media site I had posted in and when. Did I participate in this blog social already or was it that one? The names are all so similar.

I had, as a goal this week, to learn more about Pinterest but didn’t have the drive to jump in. My rolodex of a brain (too old to have a whiz bang computer processor) is stuffed full with information and until I download some into a planner, there just doesn’t seem to be room for much of anything else.

I did sign up for a StumbleUpon account. I find I am getting a lot of clicks from it so I thought I should have a look see.

For some reason I get StumbleUpon. It has simple, easy to follow instructions to navigate the site. Pinterest on the other hand, I feel like I’ll need a University degree to figure it out.

Now before you all message me with great posts and online courses that declare that I can master Pinterest in 1 hour, I’m pretty sure it is a self imposed blind spot, one I’ll get past just as soon as I unclutter my actions and my brain.

Slade Roberson, my online friend who inspired this project in the first place, warned me that progress in the middle month of the 3 months could sometimes bog down. He says that he views his yearly business goals in quarters. That’s why he suggests a 3 month time frame to create change. So if you start to lose momentum, there is still time to turn the ship around and finish strong.

If I want to progress, I need to have balance. I know this about myself. The desire to find time to create content for my blog, for workshops and online classes versus promoting my presence online. This week there was too much sharing and promoting and not enough writing.

So a schedule is needed. One that has to be strictly followed so I can avoid the time sucking, work avoiding, pitfalls of social media.

I let you know how that works out for me next week.



My 3 actions from last week:


Note: I had to practise the art of being gentle with myself as a wrote this because I didn’t feel that I did any actions that were momentous last week. But every step –  big, small or teeny weeny is a step forward.

  1. I created an account for StumbleUpon. So that is another social media platform for me to share my blog on.
  2. I booked an date with a local friend with the thought of starting a local mastermind group for like minded, small business crones. I’ll let you know what happens.
  3. I shared, shared, shared my blog and the 2 memes I created last week and got good traffic and handful of new followers for both my blog and my Facebook site.


What actions have you taken lately that has moved you towards your dreams? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear all about it and be inspired.



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8 thoughts on “The 3 x 3 Project – Week 7

  1. HI Diana,
    I feel like a carnival juggler too. Good metaphor. I wanted to respond to the part where you said you couldn’t remember which social media site you’d posted to. I always post to them in the same order. First, Pinterest, then Flipboard, then Facebook, then Twitter. I am trying to post to Just Retweet and Viral Buzz Content the next day.

  2. Hi Diana. I wrote a goal on paper & placed it above my desk. It has helped me focus on 1 specific thing I want to achieve, which was getting 1 new client that was in a particular industry and location. I achieved this goal recently so I was very happy!

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