Grey Is The New Black


True confession; I don’t wear black. Okay, I do have some black dress pants and dress shoes, but that’s about it. I don’t look good in black, so why go there.

Navy blue feels too formal and while I look fine in it, I feel like I am wearing a uniform from some military or prep school.

Remember way back in the 80’s when colour draping was all the rage? I was deemed an autumn. I can wear earthy colours well. Browns, oranges, golden yellow, mossy greens, my closet is full of them.

But as I’ve age, I have found that my skin tone has changed and my wardrobe has become more simplistic in style. The colour grey has become my go to colour of choice.

Grey is trendy. Have you seen the young ladies sporty grey hair? Who would have thought that my grey hair would become a fashion statement.

Grey, is not really a colour. It is a neutral or achromatic colour, meaning literally that it is a colour “without colour.” Maybe that is why I find it so versatile.

Grey by itself is considered a neutral tone; calm, conservative, and without emotion. It can be refined and classic but it can also come across as lifeless, fixed or apathetic.

So why would I be in love with such a potentially depressing colour? Because grey can tone other colours, and in turn, by adding a tint of another colour to grey, it becomes a whole range of cool or warm versions of the original colour.

Black can’t do that. Black is the absent of colour.


More than 50 shades of grey are available! Okay, pun intended.

And who says grey is an emotionless colour. Just look at these fierce greys.

 How can you not feel some warm and tender emotion for these fluffs of grey.

What about the greys of elemental metals used in jewelry?

  • The whitish grey of silver is known as a excellent conductor of energy.
  • Platinum, know as the “solid wisdom metal”, great for meditation.
  • The dense weight of the dark brownish grey of tungsten is a powerful protector.
  • Rhodium, a darker grey metal, colouring closer to steel, is the metal of achievement, power and respect.

Is it any wonder these beautiful metals are so popular. Pair with gemstones and your jewelry can be a powerful energy ally.


The element of silver 2


There is a shade of grey for every person. My husband looks amazing in the cool grey tone of a soldier blue. I love the medium tone of a flannel grey but I like to lighten up in summer and switch to a whiter, dove grey instead

The right grey can accent the salt and pepper streaks in a mature head of hair. Or showcase the shimmer of your venerable crown of silver locks.

Add an unexpected punch of coral or turquoise in your outfit of grey and you are styling.

Black can actually make you look older. Choose the softer tone of charcoal grey instead. If you are pale in complexion, white will make you appear paler. Go for a light silver grey and get the same crisp feel the colour white gives. With the many shades of grey, there is sure to be the perfect one to compliment your colouring and age.

Embrace the grey folks. Grey is the new black. It is the new colour of the baby boomer generation. Once you go grey, you won’t go back.


What colours are in your wardrobe? Use your grey matter and join the discussion or share this post.



















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20 thoughts on “Grey Is The New Black

  1. Honestly… I rarely wear black, white or grey! I like colour. You are most likely to find me in a bubble gum pink hoodie or yoga top. BUT I do not have a professional job either. So bubble gum pink it is.

  2. I have a slight obsession with grey. My house has a TON of grey. I am also one of the young ladies who has dyed my hair grey. I have actually dyed it twice now. It is my favorite color I have done and think I may go back to it again soon =P

    1. I ever met a grey I didn’t like. We sound like birds of a feather except I am still preferring to hide the grey on my head. Not enough to look good yet. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I love grey, the walls in my living room were a soft grey, and I have a few grey items in my wardrobe. I do still love black, but sometimes grey looks better.

    1. Color draping was all the rage back in the 80’s. By putting scarfs of fabric in different colors over you shoulder to determine if that was a good color for your to wear. Colors were grouped in “seasons” Google “personal color analysis or “what color am I am?” You find lots of site that explain it and maybe you will find what season you are as well. You always look better, and feel better in colours that are suited for you. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting.

  4. I’ve always liked gray, but I don’t have too much gray, I think partially because I can’t find too many outfits in gray. And interesting that you bring this up here because for the last few weeks I’ve been thinking and looking for new towels and find myself really attracted to the gray ones. OK I made up my mind, new towels, and gray it is. Really enjoyed this post. thank you

  5. About 2 years ago I stopped coloring my hair and decided to let it go natural. Now I am totally grey and just love it. I also mainly wear grey or black, so much so that a new employee at work, after her first month, said to me one morning that she nearly did not recognized me when I wore something other than grey or black.

    1. The actress Jamie Curtis has sported grey hair for years and rocks it. I do add color to my grey. I like the pop. 😃 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. About 2 years ago I decided to stop coloring my hair and go natural, which turned out to be totally grey. I also mainly wear grey and black. A new emloyee at work, after her first month, recently said to me that she hardly recognized me, one morning when I wore somehing other than grey or black.

  7. I’m obsessed with gray. I have a different shade in every room of my house. I own a ton of gray clothes. I can’t wait to grow long, gray hair someday. And gray in painting? Um, yes, please!

  8. I wear quite a bit of black, but I think I’m getting past it. I also LOVE to wear cooler shades of red, and lots of purples, blues and pinks. Navy looks good on me, and white too. I’m tending to shy away from black at the moment as I think it’s starting to make me look old and drain the colour from my face. I’m 51, so perhaps a little change up is in order! I have one grey cardigan, but I adore grey on walls and as part of my surroundings(depending on the shade), so I think I’ll start to give it a look when it comes to clothes! My hair is currently a salt and pepper grey/black if I don’t dye it….. not ready to go grey in that respect yet. If I do, I’d love that silvery/ash gorgeous grey I see on some people.

    1. Try a dark grey instead of black much more forgiving to us mature chics. I love color too so I always pair my grey with a pop of color. I’m liking coral and butter yellow this spring. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

      1. Oh yes, forgot my coral! I have some lovely tops and a cardigan in coral. It does go beautifully with grey, great idea! I will give the charcoal grey a go!

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