The 3×3 Project – Week 10

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What is the 3 x 3 Project?

My online friend, Slade Roberson wrote a interesting post on his site, Shift Your Spirits entitled Change Your Life In 3 Months .

The formula is simple:

Perform 3 action each week that move you closer to your goal.

Do it for 3 months.

Set down the framework for each month and then focus on the weekly actions. This is a bite size action plan that can work on any goal you want to achieve. Think big but act small.

This is my experience with the concept.


Holistic Success




This last week gave me a lesson in self care. I blogged about it here – Internal Self Care  A wise, insightful person would know that in order to be successful, you need to take a holistic approach and consider every aspect of your life. While I strive to be such a person, I am not always that evolved, and so I found myself feeling edgy and somewhat overwhelmed.

The previous week was a big week for me. I had a lot on my plate, something’s good and something’s stressful. It wasn’t until mid week that I took the time to self analyze and discover that I needed to re-balance myself. I have been spending way too much time in my mind doing mental work and not nearly enough time acknowledging my emotions and spiritual self as well as exercising my physical self.

Ask a really successful person about their personal habits and you will find that the ones who have the best handle on their lives, will tell you that they religiously take time out of their busy schedules for rest, relaxation, exercise, a social life including time spent with family and some form of spiritual practice. They are well rounded, balanced people.

But what is the most important thing, is they understand that in order to stay successful and in control of their own destiny, they must continually strive for that balanced lifestyle.

Because an entrepreneur’s main focus is usually their careers, balance may not come naturally. So all other aspects of their lives have to be purposely scheduled in as well.

I have been so focused on the 3×3 Project and all the actions I am taking, that I will confess, I have let the other aspects of my life slide a little. So this last weekend I invested in a little re-balancing. I spent time with old friends catching up and having a good laugh which released some built up emotional energy. I exercised my body in my garden while communing with nature; a good for my soul added benefit, and I relaxed with a fluff, paranormal novel titled, “The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride.” Definitely no deep thinking needed there.

The result of that small investment of time was that this morning, I woke up feeling refreshed, calmer and ready to hit the ground running again.

Here’s what I accomplished with my 3 actions last week:

  1. I started a new class at my local community centre to learn about creating and selling courses online. The instructors is so knowledgeable that most of us left feeling excited for the next 5 classes. In that one class, I got answers to questions I have had for some time, that I could never find suitable answers anywhere online for.
  2. I have begun to formulate the supporting documents I will need to start a coaching practise like a price list, client engagement contract and session outlines. I wanted to move on this while I am still on a high from my success of the previous weeks accreditation course. These documents will also serve as part of the framework of that new endeavour.
  3. While I am not yet ready to launch this new coaching practice this month, I did want to codify the skills I have gained with real life experience, so I have invited 3 woman to participate in a 3 month practice program. Hmmm, I just realized as a wrote this that I have just created another 3×3 Project!

A successful life, one full of realized dreams, must also be a holistically balanced life. There is no point having success in one area of your life if your are miserable in all the others. That was the lesson the universe needed me to remember this week. Thankfully, I am a quick study.


What actions have you taken this week towards your own personal goals? Join in the conversation and leave a comment.

































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6 thoughts on “The 3×3 Project – Week 10

  1. Clear and elegant design, lucid but compelling language… Diana, your blog spells sophistication. This post in particular has a motivating and not preachy undertone. A doable task for newbie bloggers like me who drown in despair every second day when it comes to blogging, I feel this is something I can do – Set three tasks a week that challenge me!
    I’ll be hovering over this space. You’ve a stalker now. Haha!

    1. Thank you Nidhal, I am humbled by your kind words. I have been continually amazed at the power of this simple project. I highly recommend you give it a try.
      Thank you for commenting and sharing in the conversation. 😀

  2. I really like this post and I really relate to it, as I’ve been focusing on specifics to move forward with my goals this year. Like you, I have trouble balancing with other areas of my life. I have a planner where I write down daily what I want to do and record progress. I have set aside time to sit with it. Also at the end of every month I sit down and assess what I’ve accomplished, what needs work, what I’ve learned, etc. It is SO helpful in keeping me focused Good luck!

    1. I’ll admit, I try to do the same but a planner is only as good as the person using it! There in lies my problem. 😃
      Now 3 actions every week is something I can handle. I have been amazed by how much progress I have made through this experiment.
      Thank for stopping by and being part of the conversation.

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