The 3×3 Project – Week 11

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What is the 3 x 3 Project?

My online friend, Slade Roberson wrote a interesting post on his site, Shift Your Spirits entitled Change Your Life In 3 Months .

The formula is simple:

Perform 3 action each week that move you closer to your goal.

Do it for 3 months.

Set down the framework for each month and then focus on the weekly actions. This is a bite size action plan that can work on any goal you want to achieve. Think big but act small.

This is my experience with the concept.


Following The Bread Crumbs


I was reflecting this weekend, as I am nearing the end of the 3×3 Project on how this experiment has changed my life. If you want to know the final results of the project, you will have to stayed tuned for next week. But I will say this, I have been pleasantly surprised but were I find myself, both personally and professionally now, than were I was 11 weeks ago.

My belief is that life is a journey. To be happy on that journey, you need to find the right path. To move forward on that path, you need to follow the breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs are, metaphorically speaking, little markers along your life path that confirm that you are heading in the right direction.

Some are big crusts of bread lying squarely in the centre of the road. Equate these large markers with those, once in a lifetime opportunities or life changing moments, such as meeting the love of your life or being offered your dream job. Even a major setback like a job loss or an accident should be viewed as a loaf sized tripping hazard. You’d have to be willfully blind not to see them for what they are. Yet strangely, people still manage to pass them right by.

Most other markers are small crumbs indeed. They require either awareness or personal insight to see them for what they are. They are more subtle and tend to blend into the landscape. It is only when you are looking, that you can pick them out from the rocks and debris littering the way. But if you are looking, and are insightful enough to pick them up as you go along your journey, you may just be able to gather enough of them together to make a worthwhile meal of brain food with them.

These little crumbs are all the nourishment a body needs to keep moving down the path.

Little crumb markers can be things like, an off the cuff remark from a stranger that gives you the answer to a problem, a compliment that illuminates one of your strengths and boosts your confidence, or a series of serendipitous pieces of information, like a written article, a public notice or a T.V. advertisement that together, pique your interest and point you towards a totally new passion.

Usually though, it is only when your life journey reaches a fork in the road and another destination option is offered, that you will see the benefit to that pocketful of breadcrumbs that you have been so diligently gathering.

If you were aware of your surroundings and absorbed the insights that those little markers gave you, you will know with confidence, what path to take.

My fork in the road was completing the Life Coaching certification several weeks ago. I knew, with out a doubt, that the actions I had been taking during the first two months of the 3×3 Project were little bread crumbs of confidence and that when gathered together, were pointing me towards this new path.

Thankfully, I am wise enough to see them for what they are.

So this last week, and the week before, I have altered my focus somewhat. I am still focusing on increasing my influence and the readership of my blog, but I am now integrating this newly gained knowledge and success with the beginnings of a coaching practice.

My 3 actions from last week.

  1. I ordered new business cards. I have missed out on some opportunities recently to leave a potential client or blog subscriber with take away contact information. Sounds like an easy enough action to perform, except that in order to do that, I also had to decide on a new branding look as well. I chose a very simplistic design and I hope to incorporate it throughout all my print media.
  2. I used last weeks class on creating online workshops to write an outline for the blog sign up offering, mini workshop I am creating. It’s called “The Mystic Message Board”. Make sure you keep an eye out for it in the near future.
  3. I developed a plan for the first coaching session with the 3 volunteers I had scheduled to start this week. Can’t wait to tell you how excited I am about this new endeavour.

Each step (action) I have taken throughout this project has moved me forward on my personal path. But like little crumbs of bread, the knowledge and insights that I picked up along the way are what I have used, and what I needed, to nourished my goals and dreams as I travel this journey.

What actions have you taken this weeks towards your own personal goals? Share your success and join the conversation by leaving a comment.



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6 thoughts on “The 3×3 Project – Week 11

    1. Thank you Masha, I have been amazed by what I have achieved with the 3×3 Project. If you have a goal, I highly recommend giving it a try.

  1. This is great! At the beginning of the year, I treated myself to the Rituals For Living Dreambook, from Dragontree Apothecary. It has helped me get focused and stay on track. Thanks to that, I feel I could be ready to do a three month challenge like you describe. Love the reminder to watch for the breadcrumbs!

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