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What makes a person confident? Why are we so sure of ourselves with some thing’s but shy away from other situations like it’s the plague?

Everyone has an Achilles heal – that one area in your live that no matter how you approach it, you feel awkward or inferior. Maybe you are an amazing conversationist when speaking to one or two people in an intimate setting but when faced with a crowd, eager to hear what you have to offer, you stutter and become a tongue tied fool. Or perhaps you are the mermaid of the swimming pool and can glide, dip and dive with form and grace, but on land you develop two left feet and stumble around like a drunken klutz.

No one is 100% confident. Even the olympic athlete, or the super star actor has self doubt in some area of their life. We are human beings and because we are, we are fallible. So how come some people come across like they are in total control of their life and others folks fail at even the basics of maintaining the minimum social standards?

Confidence is a belief in oneself and one’s power and abilities. The more confident a person is, the further in life they will go. The wonderful thing is, anyone can develop self-confidence. Confidence is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Here are some simple, standard aspect of being a confident person that go a long way towards maintaining a level of self mastery in ones life. See if you can identify with the list below.

  1. A confident person understands, and uses the word – NO.   This is really about understanding boundaries; yours and everyone else’s. Knowing when to stand your ground and knowing when not to push another persons personal line in the sand.
  2. A confident person understands, and uses the word – YES. Again, this is about boundaries. Folks who have a unhealthy need to please tend to use this word too much. Confident folks use this word because they truly want to help, knowing that their personal energy will not be diminished in anyway by the request.
  3. Confident people listen to their opinions and beliefs first before excepting other’s points of view. When you truly know yourself; your likes and dislikes, you will use those convictions to filter what others say and determine if they are a good fit for you.
  4. When you have confidence, you are not afraid to write your own story. You know that you are the author, and it up to you to determine whether history records your life as a tragedy, a drama or a legend.
  5. Confident people choose happiness. They know that we can not always control what happens in life but we can always control our reaction to it. Happiness is a state of mind and it is always a choice.
  6. Confident people have resiliency. They know anything is possible. It’s not that they don’t occasionally feel defeated by life, but a confident person looks at adversity as a temporary setback as they move towards the bigger goal.
  7. Confident people are self-reliant. They know that they possess everything they need to be successful. The side effect of this is that when you have confidence, you actually attract the people and resources that you need towards you. Like attracts like.
  8. Confident people are interdependent. This may sound counter intuitive, but a person with self confidence would never dull someone else’s light. They understand that together we all shine even brighter.

Are you a confident person? Do you practice these 8 personality traits?

Whether you do or don’t have confidence, acquiring it begins with a choice. It starts with a mindset that you, your skill set, an your personal belief have worth and they are meant to be shared.

So go out into the world and offer up yourself to those folks who need your uniqueness. Set boundaries and say- no- to what does not energies you, and – yes- to what does. Believe in yourself and begin today by re-writing the story that you were really meant to live with confidence.

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

13 thoughts on “8 Traits Of A Confident Person

      1. Very true, bad habits are like additions, easy to get into, but terribly hard to escape. Then, like you say, it takes practice and confidence to get back out there!

    1. That doesn’t mean you can not aim to achieve them. A confident person also knows what their limitations are. Nobodies perfect but when to challenge yourself to improve, you also gain confidence. 😃 Thanks for being honest and sharing.

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