3 Reasons To Make June Your Personal Power Month



In the northern hemisphere, the month of June is the most potent month of the whole year. For us folks living near or above the 49th parallel who know what it’s like to suffer through 6 or more months of cold, dark and grey weather, June is our reward.

To take advantage of this prize, I suggest you consider the 3 biggest gifts that the month of June offers all of us and how embracing them will benefit your whole being; mind, body and soul.


Where I live, which is mere kilometres from the 49th parallel, the month of June will average 16 hours each day of sunlight. So 2/3rds of the day is light. That is a lot of energy coming from the sun and there is no better month to get out and re-charge your internal batteries.

June is the best month

It is well documented that up to 20% of people in the northern hemisphere suffer from SAD or seasonal affect disorder. Others are vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) deficient.

Sunlight is a vital ingredient for a healthy life. According to Dr. Mercola in the article, “How Sunlight Affects Your Mental HealthThe complex stimulus of sunlight can affect your mood and mental health through a number of mechanisms, including affecting your vitamin D, serotonin, endorphins, nitric oxide levels and mitochondrial energy.

So for your body to benefit this month from all that sunlight, get out side and (safely) soak up the sun. The sun releases serotonin in the body and improves your mood, you will sleep better, it is beneficial for your skin by improving skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and fungal infections of the skin and it even improves your immune system.


With all that sunlight improving your mood, you can boost it even more if you get outside and connect with mother earth.

Grounding to mother earth

Some call it earthing, connecting to the energies of the earth through the soles of your feet. I call it grounding, connecting yourself to the infinite wisdom of mother earth.

Either way the concept is simple and as basic an activity as humans can get. Go barefoot on the earth. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Connect to the land, to nature.

Why would you want to get your feet dirty in the muck? Modern rubber and plastic-soled shoes act as electrical insulators and therefore block the beneficial flow of electrons from the earth to your body. These electrons flow through your body connecting you to the earth’s subtle electrical field and balance out the effects of modern, harmful electrical fields (computers, T.V., smartphones) while having a positive effect on your immune system, circulatory system, inflammation, stress, even your heart rate.

Did you ever, as a child, lay on the grass or warm sand at the beach and feel at peace with the world? I’ll bet you had some of your best adolescent daydreams while warmly cradled on mother earths bed of terra firma as well.

June is a great month to cast off your man made footwear and feel the beneficial energy of a barefoot stroll. When your soles connect with the earth, you are intimately connected to the earth’s timeless wisdom.

Your personal energy becomes grounded and stabilizes, leaving you feeling calm and better able to focus on all that amazing new energy collected in your cells from the sun. You are a complete, fully charged electrical circuit. Better than the energizer bunny.  Now just imagine what you can achieve with all that energy.


Your energized body needs one more thing in order to become the high performance machine you have the ability to become, and that is nutrition. The month of June is there to support you once again. By now the local farmers markets should be in full swing. Get out and enjoy the bounty from your local growers.

Just like your body, fresh produce benefits from all that sunlight and the mineral rich soil of mother earth, and then offers it up to you as nutritional food.


Complete the trifecta of power that the month of June has to offer and load up on fresh, locally sourced, organic produce. Your body will thank you by feeling lighter and running smoother. Your mood will improve as you clean out the toxins built up from a long winter of eating highly processed foods and in turn, you will feel even more energized because your body will feel less sluggish as your digestion improves.

Powerful people who maintain a high level of energy and achievement with tell you that if you want to create a similar lifestyle, maintaining a healthy and holistic balance is paramount. Being mindful, emotionally balanced, with a commitment to honouring a healthy body with exercise and good nutrition and maintaining a connection to an energy source far greater than ourselves is the best way to make the most of your life.

This June, use the natural abundances offered to everyone of us so you can boost your personal power with life energizing sunlight, the gentle wisdom of the earth’s energy and the body nourishing bounty of nature.


* Originally posted June 4th 2017
































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21 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Make June Your Personal Power Month

  1. These are great tips! I’m just out for summer break this week, and I’m excited to soak up the sun, lounge around and get my feet dirty, and hit up the farmer’s market! 🙂

  2. It never occurred to me how full of light (in more ways than one) June is! Thanks so much Diana, for giving me more incentive to wander around barefoot in my yard with my camera. 😀

  3. Oh, I love the summer! The sunlight is really important to me, it makes me feel much brighter and happier. I really enjoyed this post, it reminds me not to take these next few months for granted and enjoy what nature presents to us x

  4. That was so interesting Diana, I didn’t know alot of it if I’m being totally honest and now I have an excuse to get my feet dirty:)

    1. Enjoy the power of the month of June!
      Oh yeah and June is also the month of roses, so stop and smell the roses while you soak up the sun barefoot while munching on fresh produce 🤗❤️

  5. I’m not much a sun person, but I do agree that we need its rays for staying healthy. 🙂 Here in Italy June (and July) are the hottest and sunniest months.

    1. Here in Canada we take advantage of a sunny day anytime we get one
      Oh to have an Italian summer. 😃
      Thanks for sharing and continuing the conversation.

  6. All the daylight is wonderful I agree. I like the idea of walking barefoot but I am a tenderfoot woman so it is just soft grass for me and I can say you told me to do it for my health!

  7. Yes yes YES! I’m a big proponent of Ecotherapy (also known as Earthing as you mentioned). Hope you have an amazing June. But I’m be following along here just to be sure.

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