Empower Yourself With Patience

Prepared to wait

The universe has a cruel sense of humour. That was the lesson I thought I’d learned this month but instead I learned something much more empowering.

Have you ever experienced something like this before?

You finally make a big decision. This was no easy task because there were so many great ideas to choose from. You weighed the pros and the cons of each choice but you picked what feels like the right one and now you can’t wait to get going.

Of course there is the fear of taking the leap and putting yourself out there. You knew that this would be the hardest part but you decided to jump anyway knowing deep in your bones that you have finally made the right decision and life is about to open up because the universe has your back. Right?

Oh the possibilities; you are bursting with excitement now that you have dedicated yourself to this new path. The floodgates have opened and your head is so full of ideas. You feel alive and passionate. It’s like you have woken up from a deep sleep and have finally come back to life.

It’s right about here in the story when the universe decides to show it’s humour and you find that the more passion you have to get your project off the ground is in direct proportion to the responsibilities from other areas of your life that are about to fill your schedule.

That’s what happened to me this month. The more I wanted to work on my project, the more my schedule filled with other responsibilities.

Luckily, I have gained a grain or two of wisdom over the years and have learned that nothing lasts forever. All I need to do is just get through this month and have a little patience.

And with that patience I also have realized that the universe is not as cruel as I initially thought.

Cultivating your patience is cultivating your personal power.

Here was the real lesson for me this month. It would have been so easy to get frustrated and loose momentum for my freshly decided goal. There is no roots to it yet, no skin in the game. I have not yet manifested it out to the world in it’s full form. In fact, my head has been so full of tasks that I have needed to do for other people this month, that I have had very little time to actually think about my newly decided upon goal. So instead of giving up, I decided to let my decision percolate in the back of my mind for the month where it could brew into a more full bodied plan.

Here was an opportunity to strengthen my relationship between myself and the higher power.

Throughout my life I have learned to have faith in a greater plan. There is a reason and a season for everything. Sometimes, it is only in hindsight that we see the patterns that make up the stories of our lives. Trust, and a whole lot of patience, is what’s needed to see you through sanely.

Cultivating patience is an opportunity for me to strengthen my commitment to my decision.

Cultivating patience is an exercise that will strengthen my confidence not only with the project but with myself as well. How powerful is that!

There is grace in being patient. It is the art of allowing. In this moment, I do not have control – others do. In this moment, they need my time more than I do. Being frustrated won’t help and becoming disheartened is a waste of my precious energy.  I could though, use this time to strengthen my personal power until the universe once again opens up the way for me.

So if you have experienced a similar situation and the universe has seemingly blocked your progress, I offer you three different ways of thinking to help you develop patience as an empowerment tool for yourself why you wait.

A change of perspective

What if the universe really does have your back? What if, even though you feel ready to take that leap, you are missing some piece of information that could make all the difference to your success? Perhaps there is a reason you are being blocked from moving forward at this time. One that only a power far greater than you can see.

Its like the benevolent hand of a total stranger bracing you from stepping out onto the street from the curb. He sees the car racing forward but you are too busy trying to get to the other side of the street to see the danger.

A test of your commitment

Are you sure you are ready to take the leap? Have you planned it all out? Are you committed to the project regardless of the outcome? Prove it.

If you are easily thwarted from a little delay right at the beginning, what would happen when you really come up against a challenge?

Maybe the universe is giving you a chance to rethink your commitment to the project because it knows how amazing the outcome could really be and it wants you to be all in.

Perhaps you showing a little patience is all the proof it needs.

A chance to take a breath

Making major decisions that affect not only your life but possibly those you love as well can be heady stuff. Because you are so caught up in the moment, excitement and passion can colour your thinking and lead you to make rash, spur of the moment compromises.

Look at delays as a chance to review the plan. You only get one chance to launch a project right. Being even more confident that your strategy will work is a very empowering feeling and all it took was a little patience and time.

My husband, in his early career was a blaster. He blew up things for a living. His father was also a blaster and now, so is my son. It was a piece of advice from his father which my husband took to heart that kept him accident free throughout his career. His dad would always say, “When you think you have the blast planned out and are ready to go, find a rock or a log and go sit and think some more.” There where times when that advice made all the difference and a mistake was caught before irreparable damage was caused. My son now uses the same advice.

Patience allows life to fall into place.

Napoleon Hill

Was the delay this month worth it? I would say yes on many levels. Not only was I able to serve the people I care about and give freely of my time but after I decided to act in grace and open myself to the delay, I found that I was able to open up a little bit of time for myself to review my plans and re-affirm my commitment to this new path.

The universe may not always make sense. Sometimes it acts like a parent who doesn’t feel the need to explain to her obstinate child, who is demanding to know why she can’t have a new toy and instead just blurts out, “because I said so, that’s why.”

It not for me to know why I had to wait a month to be able to have enough time to begin my new project but it was my job to learn patience, be open to new information and be ready for when the time is once again right to move forward.

I just hope that next month works for the universe because if I acquire much more patience (patients), I’ll have to change the choice I have just made and become a doctor!

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