Rise To The Call Of Your Best Life

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The one constant in life is change.

The Law Of Change

Everything is in the process of becoming something else. Change happens everywhere and with everyone and happens constantly.

This is an immutable law. You may choose to stand perfectly still, make no decisions and hide away from life but change is still going to happen to you and all around you.

So with that knowledge in mind you really have 3 choices for your life:

  1. Do nothing and let life change around you.
  2. Move forward but keep your life flat by choosing predictable activities or by making expected life decisions.
  3. Or you can take the much more rewarding but challenging route and choose to rise.

Rise is a verb. To rise requires effort. It takes determination and focus but most of all, it takes action and the very first action that needs to be taken if you yearn for a more fulfilling life is to choose a different way of being – your way of being.

This is more than just what career you will choose. More than who you will partner with or where you will live. It is deciding upon, and then committing to, the morals and beliefs that resonate as true for you; a personal code of ethics. No easy task as we have spent a lifetime being conditioned by family and societal rules set out by other people’s morals, beliefs and ethics.

Here’s a few important perspectives to consider as you decide on your new way of being:

  • You have only one life. There are no do overs. One day and someday are today.
  • You were given this gift to use the best way you can. It is unique to you and will never be repeated.
  • To become the best that you can be, you must take full advantage of this gift of life you have been given regardless of other people’s opinions and rise to the challenge. Only then will you have honoured this gift.

This new framework of conduct becomes your own personal lifestyle and it is the foundation that will ground you as you begin to rise. You don’t want to float away after all.

So what is meant for a person to rise?


1. To move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up.
2. To reach a higher position in society or one’s profession.
3. To find the strength or ability to respond adequately to a challenging situation.
4. To be restored to life.

To rise is to grow. To open your soul and expand your body and mind to except a bigger life. Your lungs must inflate to take it all in and support the changes that are about to happen.  Your heart must expand and your mind must unblock. In essence, you must open yourself wholly to your own unique potential and when you combine this with an unwavering personal code of ethics, you can not help but elevate yourself to a truer purpose.

When you choose to rise in life and move up to a higher position, you become more visible. You can not hide any more. You will be seen. As you rise, you become a beacon of light and as such you will shine. This is how the souls you are meant to serve will be able to find you.

Do not let the negative opinions of others darken your light. They can not see what you see from their lower perspective. What others think and say about you is not your concern. All you can do is either help them rise up to your level or ignore them and move on.

There will be challenges and set backs. To rise is to climb. The steeper the mountain the more rewarding the view is at the top. Take one step at a time, adjust and accommodate as you go, rest when you need to, there will be beautiful vistas along the way. But most of all, enjoy the journey.

Here is the best surprise when you choose to elevate your life and are determined to rise, you will become aware of how flat and dull your life had once been.

Life is full of ebbs and flows, of births and deaths, of beginnings and endings. Each time we choose to change and raise our personal circumstance, we must let the old us die away so the we can be open to a new and better self. If we make the conscious decision to grow, we can not help but rise. It is only when we can look back from this new, higher, vantage point that we can see the progress we have just made.

To rise also means to become more powerful and with power comes greater responsibility. Your soul’s light will shine the brightest when that power is used for the greatest good. As you rise, there is real danger that your ego will also inflate as you reach higher levels. This is the most important reason to remain grounded in your morals and beliefs, so you can gain altitude and not attitude!

It makes no difference to the universe that if by rising, you achieve fame and fortune and travel the world and live in a mansion or, you live in a simple hut and feed the sick and poor instead, as long as the intent of your actions result in you using your human gifts to their fullest potential as they were meant to be.

To rise is to grow towards the fullest expression of your being. This is the highest calling of your soul. To rise is to ascend and to gain a clearer connection with the universal energy we call God.

But most of all, to rise is to make the most of this gift of life we have all been given. To act in gratitude and to be in full appreciation for this adventure of our soul.

So rise to the challenge, be amazing, create your own magic and live the best life you can possibly image. That is after all, what we came here to do.

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Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

8 thoughts on “Rise To The Call Of Your Best Life

  1. Really inspiring post. I think perhaps there is sometimes a fear of rising. If we reach our peak, what then? Some people may be afraid of success, whatever that means for them. It’s a very exciting prospect though. We only get one shot at this, so we need to go for it 🙂

    1. Even if you choose to just live from the perspective of love you will rise. It is the intent to be your best self that is most important. The idea of reaching your peak is an idea coming from a fear of lack. We humans have not even begun to reach are potential. Thank you for coming by a commenting I am glad you felt inspired. ❤️

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