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A tradition that started a few years ago for me, is to decide on a word to embody the energy that I want to project for the year ahead.

Words have power.  They send out a vibrational energy when released out into the world. We all know of a time when we wished we were able to take back harsh words spewed in anger. Especially when we witnessed the pain they caused in someone we care for.

Words can command our world: “Stop that!”

Words can convince us: “Together we can do it.”

Words can create a sacred pact: “I promise to love, honour and cherish you.”

By uttering a few choice words, a person can alter their life. How can that not be powerful?

I start in late November and toy with the ideas that I want to manifest in the coming year. In the northern hemisphere, November is the time of year that nature plants her seeds from the fall harvest in order to burrow into the still soft earth and rest quietly to wait for the re-birth of  spring. It is a great time for humans to do the same. So as I set out my plans, I also try out a few words that might work as an energy theme.

My word for 2018 was, impact. I wanted to project an energy that would effect my personal area of influence and to make a mark on others in a positive way. Did it work? I honestly can’t say. But perhaps by asking the people who mattered to me this year if I had an impact on them, you may find the answer. The energy I wanted to project with this word was meant for me to focus outward into the world and in that, I was successful.

This year is a little different. I feel the need to focus inward a bit more. To do work that will benefit me personally. Some of my goals are selfish. They are meant to empower only me and my own dreams. I am wise enough though to know that in doing that, I can develop skills that will eventually empower others.

That’s the curious thing about life, we go through different cycles. Sometimes our energy is focused outwards and we spend a lot of our time giving and serving others until we find that our personal well is depleted. In order to continue serving, we are required to do a little maintenance and shore up the walls of our internal well so we can refill it once again. That is how I am feeling about 2019.

It is a building year for me and in order to grow and become a better version of myself, I need to create a new foundation to stand on; a new outlook, a better focus, a stronger body, and a defined plan to work through. In order to manifest all this, I need take action.

And there it was, my word for 2019.




Action is a noun. It is a tangible thing. It is a vehicle to create. With out action, nothing happens. And that is the crux for me in choosing this word. In 2019, I want to make things happen.

I feel the need for forward motion in my life. I want to experience, learn and grow for myself, and this is the year to do it.

Numerology speaking, 2019 is a 3 year.  2+0+1+9 =12 then 1+2=3

A 3 year cycle gives you the opportunity to discover, and then create, what you believe will make you happy. A year to manifest.

2018, numerology speaking, was a 2 year and represented the energies of teamwork, relationships and diplomacy. It was not about the individual. It was about being part of a greater whole. For me that meant being part of a family unit where my contributions effected the group. It was a year of service to others. It was a year of focusing my energies outward.

I toyed with the word intent before I hit on the word action, but then decided that it is a word of possibilities and planning. I am done planning, I want to start doing, and so action is a better fit.

Having a word to embody the year ahead is like a touch stone for my personal focus. It is a guiding star. No matter what I choose to do in 2019, if I start from the perspective that I want to create action this year, I’ll have a focus to guide me.

2019 for me is a year of action. If I want better health, it requires taking healthy action. If I want to take on a new avenue of study, it requires that I actively search out a teacher. If I want to grow my intuitive services, I will need to act more confident of my success. All dreams and goals can never be achieve with out forward, moving, action.

So what is it that you want to create and achieve in 2019? Do you have a word for it? Like your New Year resolution’s, create a list of intentions and then decide on a word that epitomizes your desired outcomes. Use this word as your north star as you go about your year. It will be your stalwart companion, never wavering and always pointing you in the right direction as you work towards all your goals.

Happy New Year.
































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    1. Oh, I love Voice. I can just imagine the strength it will give you both personally and professionally. Happy New Year to my newest souls delight and your hubby David. ❤️

  1. Love this, beautiful post. My word for this year is “mindfulness” I’m excited and ready to see how “mindfulness” will show up and assist in the unfolding on this year. Happy New Year!

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