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A week ago I did a reading for myself. I’d been busy doing a lot of readings for other people and felt the need to see what the cards had to say for me. The reading went pretty much along the lines as what I knew to be true for myself in this moment intuitively, except for the card in the immediate future position. That card was the Tower.


The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation. It is associated with sudden unforeseen change.


I sometimes use this analogy as an example to explain the meaning of the Tower card to a querent (someone I am reading for): An unexpected loss of a job (crisis). A situation that leads you to question your job prospects or a need for a potential career change (destruction, stripping away your old beliefs). Only to find a new position that is far better and makes you much happier (liberation).

Even thought it can send your life into a tail spin, the true purpose and energy surrounding the Tower card is meant to move your life forward. We tend to get stuck into ruts now and then and the Tower works to push us up and out of the deep groove of life that we’ve etched ourselves into.

I really had no idea why the Tower card showed itself but I’m wise enough to know that something was about to change in my life. Now if you have ever had a reading by me, then you know that I will tell you that the time frame for the immediate future position in a reading is from 1 day to 1 month but never longer than a month. So I knew I’d find out soon.

Then two days ago it happened. Thankfully I did not experience a major life altering occurrence but what did happen has left me shaking my head in wonder.

I was on Facebook surfing and generally wasting time when I typed out a comment in a group that I belonged to that was better left in my head. In retrospect, I can not tell you why I said what I said. I do not know why my bad self took over and spewed sarcasm but it happened, and as much as this sounds like an avoidance of responsibility, I felt momentarily possessed by the energy of fate.

It all happened within a 5 minute time frame. I posted. The person private messaged me. Words were exchanged and then I was asked to leave the group. Which I did.

I instantly knew that the energy of the Tower card was at play because the first emotion that went through me after all this happened, was release (liberation). Did I feel remorse? Absolutely. Did I feel shame? You bet. Am I sorry for my actions? With out a doubt. But release is the emotion that vibrated along the foundation of this experience. Here’s why.

Each December, I decide on a word for the new year ahead. I use this as a mantra or a guide for what I want to learn and experience, or how I want to act or be, in the coming year. This year’s word is “Action“. My intention for this word is to guide me to get out more in the world, the real world, and take “action” towards my personal goals. Lately though, I have found myself wasting more and more of my energy surfing social media and avoiding the things that I need to do to honour my intentions for the year.

When you set an intention that is supported by strong emotions and send it out to the universe, the universe conspires in your favour to make it happen. This is known as the Law of Attraction.

The universe is always communicating with us. It may be a little niggle of guilt from your intuition, a synchronistic event, a timely meeting, or a sign from nature; you need only to pay attention to see the messages. Now, it has been my experience that if you do not pay attention to the wisdom of the universe, it will up the ante and get more persistent until it finally slaps you with a message that you can not miss.

This is where the Tower card comes in – a sudden unforeseen change.


It is not rejection, it is cosmic redirection.


I definitely got a smack from the universe to get off social media and get back onto the agenda that I set out for myself at the beginning of the year. You see I had been spending a lot of my time on this particular Facebook group. I did not understand that the warning of the Tower card several weeks before would result in a much needed cosmic redirection but through my own negative action, it took precise aim where I could not help but pay attention.

I knew instantly the lesson that needed to be learnt here. The emotional release I felt was a result of having the decision to leave this group taken out of my hands. I knew I needed to limit my contributions online and had been contemplating leaving this group plus a few others and re-focus my energies on my “action” intention. Obviously, the universe felt I wasn’t moving fast enough!

I try to live life with my intuition fully engaged. It’s one of the reasons that I enjoy reading the Tarot cards, as they help clarify the messages given to us from the universe. But we humans must also struggle with our ego, who thinks it knows better than our intuition what is best for us. Plus, we also have to filter through the never ending conflicting messages of our fast paced,  modern society on a daily basis as well. Is it any wonder the universe sends out the stern warning of the Tower card?


Learn from your mistakes.  Then forget about the mistake. It’s job is done.


So I got the lesson. The universe has redirected me back on my path. The Tower did it’s job and cleared the way, but it was not without causalities. No doubt there are folks out there who are disappointed in my actions and some online friendships has been severed. For that, I am truly sorry. All I can do now moving forward is forgive myself and honour the energy of the Tower card by re-focusing my original intentions and get back into the action of the real world.

And hope like hell that the Tower card doesn’t pop up in one of my personal readings again for a very long time to come.








































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  1. Oh I love this, I mean I’m sorry that you went through this and some friendships have been severed, and I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant to be told to leave the group, what I’m loving is the way the universe shows up to let us know hey get back on track 🙂 thank you for sharing this.

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