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I faithfully took my blood pressure reading every day for the week prior to my appointment. I wanted to be able to bring a sampling for the doctor to give a broader picture of my health. The numbers were good and I was pleased with the information I was bringing in but when I got there and she took my blood pressure reading, it was high.

White coat syndrome is what she called it. When a person gets nervous or stressed around a doctor which unconsciously alters their internal measures. I was pissed. Pissed because she patronized me as she tried to explain and pissed at myself for allowing a little piece of my personal power to break away from me by being anxious enough to have a high reading.

The thing is, every time an incidence happens where you feel powerless or you feel disrespected or attacked in some way, you actually lose a little bit of your personal power.

Where did it go in the first place, you may ask? Well, when another person or an incident has lessened your power, that power attaches to them or the memory of the incident.

We are two way energy units. We emit energy and we absorb energy. The highest forms of energy that we send and recieve, and the ones that strengthen our energy field, are based in the emotions of love such as joy, gratitude, self acceptance, self confidence, compassion, and empathy . The lowest, and the ones that deplete our energy field, are based in the emotions of fear. It is the emotions related to fear such as envy, anger, despair, depression, even being criticized that chip away at our personal power.

Each little negative hit to our energy field leaves a little hole. In a healthy, self empowered person, these holes can quickly refill with a little infusion of positive, love based energy and while we may have suffered a little bump in our life, we quickly get over it and move forward. But with constant negative hits and little positive reinforcement to counter, our energy field looks like Swiss cheese and we may become vulnerable to even the simplest of negative hits to the point where we no longer feel in control of our life.

Personal power loss can manifest in your body as low energy, body aches, lack of confidence, brain fog, even depression. It effects your energy field, or aura but is not the same as soul loss. That is when a little piece of your soul or essence breaks away due to severe drama or an unconscious or conscious decision made when you were experiencing trauma or emotion distress. For soul retrieval I would suggest that you seek out the help of an educated expert in this field.

There are three ways that you can rebuilt your personal power grid and regain control of your personal power if you feel it has suffered a hit. These three ways intertwine and must work together in order for you to have full control of your energy field and your life. But there is a starting point and a conscious decision that must be made first. So it is here that you must start.


It starts with a decision. It may be that you decide that you are no longer going to allow others to chip away at your power. In the case of my doctor putting the “white coat” label on me, I have decided that I will not allow this to further cause anxiety in me. In fact, I have chosen to overcome this issue.


What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Napoleon Hill


Now here is where I get a little woowoo on you because in order to recover the piece of power that has been lost, it has to be called back. Literally.

Here’s how: Stand facing the east and say, “I call back my power.” Then rotate to face the south and repeat. Do this facing the west and north as well.

Words are a vehicle for your energy. By passing breath in the form of a sound wave through your throat and out your mouth you are emitting strong energy backed by the commitment of the decision to call it back. This word vehicle sends out a vibrational force to seek out and find what ever pieces of lost energy may be out there.


The heart and mind work in tandem to create the electro magnetic energy field that surrounds your body but the hearts magnetic energy is 50 times stronger than the brains field so emotions are with out a doubt a powerful force. When you attribute positive emotions to the call for your personal power to come back to you, it’s like sending out a booster rocket to retrieve it. Plus, remember that positive emotions help repair and built your energy field. A healthy aura is the best defense to protect from future emotional hits from outside forces.

Emotions are the vehicle of manifesting. If you understand the Law of Attraction, that like attracts like, you need to be aware that it is the emotional vibrational energy you send out with your manifesting request that is the real fuel to find that like match and bring it back to you. So it makes sense that in order to call your personal power back, you need to use a powerful energy to pull it away from where ever it has attached itself. That energy is high vibrating emotions such a self acceptance, self love and even self forgiveness. They will open up your energy field to absorb your wayward personal power.


We all know that when we suffer from depression, some of the symptoms we may experience are body aches, low energy, brain fog and a general malaise. Sometimes we get depressed because we feel stuck in our life. We have no desire to dream because we can not see a future. Life has beaten us down and our personal power has been depleted.

And we also know that when we are in love, we feel invigorated and alive. Life is full of possibilities and our minds are full of dreams. If you were to see your personal energy field when you are in love it would no doubt be vibrant and strong.

The body needs fuel though in order to produce more energy. Have you even noticed that when your life is going great and you feel alive and energized, you also tend to not gain weight? I’ll bet that if you think about it, you also tend to make better food choices as well and eat a healthier diet. And when you are down or in a low energy loop, do you crave junk food?

The body is a machine. The better the fuel, the better the machine runs. But it is not enough to say, “Just eat better and your life will be great.” Okay, with out a doubt, it will be better, but in order for you to maintain a strong personal power grid, you need to combine a good diet with good self protecting thoughts and surround yourself in high vibrating emotions such as gratitude, joy, compassion and love.

These three components – mind, emotions and body, make up who you are. When they work in tandem, your life thrives. When one or all are out of sync, your life suffers and your personal power gets depleted.

So when life is on the attack and it seems as if you just can’t catch a break, try calling those little pieces of personal power back that the outer world has chipped away from you.

Humans are only beginning to understand just how powerful we really are. One thing that we do know is that everything is made up of energy. It flows in everything and vibrates at many different frequencies. It makes sense to me that we should always strive to vibrate at our highest and strongest level. So call back your personal power and get out there and shine like the beacon of high vibration love as you are meant to and you may just learn that you are, in fact, much more powerful than you ever imagined.



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