The Lessons Of The Two Hawks



I was a bit emotional yesterday. Remembrance Day does that to me, so I decided to take a walk with the hope that some time in nature would balance my energies and calm my emotions. Thankfully, the universe had my back and not only did I feel better, I received some wonderful wisdom as well.

Okay, I’ll admit that I was also beating myself up with a bunch of negative self talk as well. The day before I offered a workshop for the first time and was not pleased with the results. So instead of logically working through it, I jumped on the pity party wagon. When added to the emotions of Remembrance day, I knew I was on a slippery slope with the potential for a very dark slide down.

Off I went in my car to drive to a simple nature walk I enjoy. As I drove down the highway I noticed a hawk up in a tree on the side of the road. Hawks do exist in my area but a sighting along this busy thoroughfare is relatively rare. So imagine my surprise when a kilometre further along, I spotted another hawk perched on top of another tree right on the side of the road as well.

Two hawks? That’s a pay attention kind of message right there. I’m a devout believer in always being aware of the signs and symbols that the universe offers to us as spiritual guidance, so it was a no brainer that a message was coming through . In fact, the workshop that I was beating myself up about was around this very subject. There was no way I could ignore the message being offered to me or I’d be a hypocrite and would actually deserve all the crap I was berating myself with.


Hawks represent the messengers of the spirit world, so seeing them definitely means the universe wants you to learn powerful lessons or expand your knowledge and wisdom.


As I parked my car and prepared myself for the walk I was already feeling a little better. Seeing a hawk is a good omen after all, so seeing two must be really good. I put my ear buds in, turned on a Anthony Robbins podcast and began my walk in the drizzly, late fall afternoon.

I should really call this post, “Two hawks and the gifts that Anthony Robbins gave me” because the messages from the universe came via his podcast on my Iphone and because, like the two hawks, there were two messages and Anthony Robbins gave me both.

The first message was a reminder really about emotions: We are not our emotions. We have emotions but they are not us. They flow through us. Where we humans have problems with emotions is when we believe them and then they get stuck inside us like a repeating program. Then those emotions become false beliefs.

I know this intellectually and that was part of the reason I chose to go for a walk so that I could cleanse myself of these negative feelings swirling around in my body. I knew if I didn’t get them out of me, I would start to believe the shit I was feeling.

Tony reminded me to see the thoughts in my head for what they were – just thoughts. In fact, he reminded me that they weren’t even my thoughts. These were thoughts that have been thought by millions of people for eons. They weren’t even original and yet they were creating emotional havoc inside of me. He advised instead to see them for what they really were – just a thought with an emotion attached to it. Once it could be seen as just that, I was to let it go and then get curious about what’s needed in order to move on.

Like a weight lifting, I felt lighter and more optimistic. This was a wise message indeed. I spent a few moments taking in the scenery around me and being at peace with the connection I felt with nature and then, the second message came as another Anthony Robbins podcast began.

The second message gave me clarity around why I wasn’t happy with my workshop results and what wisdom I needed in order to move on. Anthony Robbins guest was David Meerman Scott. He talked about creating fans out of customers which is a concept I have always operated from. It is the idea that in a world of superficial communication (just look at your Facebook feed to understand this), what folks are really craving is meaningful human connection.  People want to connect with liked minded people and I realized that the folks participating in my workshop, were not like minded to me. I was unable to control the outcome of the workshop as to how I wanted it to turn out because the folks attending it, where not on the same wavelength as I am. A truth I will take on myself and completely own. While there is more to the story than that, the essence of the outcome is pretty bang on and that is a clear, insightful lesson to learn. One that will serve me well moving forward.

Why would I share this dribble with you? Why would it matter to you if I noticed two hawks as I drove to a nature path to walk off some emotional issue, and that through a couple of podcasts, gained a little perspective on the situation which then reinforced my personal beliefs and offered up a healthy dose of wisdom to boot?

Because if you have read this far and stayed interested in what I am trying to say, then maybe you are a like minded person who yearns for the same perspectives and connections as I do. And if you are, maybe my little rant offered up a bit of insight and clarity for you as well. Because what I now realise I did not get out of that workshop and what I could not give, was any kind of connection.

So if you’ve ever had a similar experience or you can see a part of yourself in this story, then perhaps you can see yourself in my emotional discourse as well and so between us, just maybe, we have made a meaningful human connection. Because if we really are kindred spirits, then like me, meaningful human connection is the only kind of connection you ever wish to create.





















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9 thoughts on “The Lessons Of The Two Hawks

  1. Thanks Diana, for sharing your struggle and the path you took to help you see it from different perspectives πŸ™‚ I feel this type of shared interaction, as well as the ones we have face-to-face, are chalk full of meaning and a mutual lifting up of each other. Keep shining you beautiful bright being of light πŸ™‚ Emma

    1. Thank you for your kind support. I absolutely agree with you. A burden shared is a burden halved.
      I hope you stop by again and share you insights again. πŸ™πŸ»

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  2. Totally hear you on this Diana and great noticing. You can always rely on hawks and other flying creatures (such as dragons) to give you what you need!

    1. Thanks Krish. I’ve only had a glimpse of my dragon lately in a meditation. I guess I’m staying with real animals for now instead of mythical ones. 😁

  3. Diana, I look forward to your gentle wisdom, when it plops in my inbox. I don’t know if we are kindred spirits, but I have enjoyed reading your words. Looking at my thoughts using some of the insights you share, has been very helpful. Thank you.

  4. As I begin typing, I’m trying to decide if I want to send a reply or not. Today is the day after my 5 year anniversary would have been, had I not ended things a year ago. I’m sitting in my car, writing in my burn journal about seeing two hawks just Now. As I pulled into the coffeshop, the customers at one of the tables outside reminded me of us. The man in particular, sharing an eerie resemblance to myself, is the second one this week, and at two different coffee shops. I just had therapy and talked about the letter I wrote her, which I wrote at the first coffee shop, and delivered this week. There was a lot more to talk about, but what I wrote in that letter was most visible at the top of the tree, and the roots would be too much to explain.

    Anyway, I’m writing about all this as it happened and I had to look up some different perspectives about the meaning of the two hawks, which is how I found this. Believe me, I wasn’t expecting to find this story when I decided to dig deeper, because the perspective I’ve always had was based on the stories I’ve heard about.

    I’ve read it multiple places and heard it from multiple people that seeing two hawks means for a prosperous romantic relationship with your soul mate, whether you are with them yet or not. In my entire life, I’ve seen two hawks three times now. The first two times were while I was with my ex. This is just another possibility, I know, but I have too much evidence of the truth both of these perspectives hold to share here. All I know is that I know nothing, and that we are given glimpses into something greater only a few times in this life.

    Realizing my growth in understanding, and seeking to understand other perspectives on a day like today is unfathomable. This is not to brag. This comes from a mental break to my lowest slef-esteem yet when I recently had the strongest thoughts of suicide I’ve had in quite some time; possibly worse than ever, but then again I think every time someone experiences suicidal thoughts is the worst time, though. This time, thank the great powers that be, I’ve had enough experience and therapy to handle the darkness, even if just barely. I called the Crisis Suicide Hotline in my area, slept it off, showered, and restarted doing a few of the things that I know help, i.e. reach out, write, walk, clean, and mostly puppy time.

    Now, ever since I decided to shift my perspective, I’ve been slowly seeing improvements throughout the week. Got back on track, one little accomplishment at a time. Setbacks here and there with work, traffic, etc, seemed too frivolous to squander my headspace. Perhaps this time will be the only time that matters because I see the time is Now. We have only Now. I forgot how to appreciate that, the only thing that truly exists because I forgot I’m the only one whom I truly need to love me. And not too long after I started putting my back into it, I see these two hawks. Right in my field of vision while sitting in my car. While writing about the man who looks like me with the women he looked like he was with romantically. While trying to decide which dream to go tackle at the house. While looking forward to what life has to offer again. While practicing gratitude for the first time in ages. The coincidences we think are coincidences are not coincidences at all.

    I’m so glad I read all the way through this “rant” and if anyone has read this far, I hope it helped you gain another perspective or shed some light on your own. Life truly is as good as I choose to make it. Thank you for the help remembering that.

    Truth, Love, Light,

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