The Three C’s Of Human Magic

Human Magic


Originally posted Dec. 3, 2018

Do you remember when you were little and life was amazing and full of enchantment? Every new experience was seen through eyes full of wonder and awe. Life seemed so magical.

Then as you grew, rules and societal expectations came into place and the magic faded. Life no longer seemed as extraordinary. Before you knew it, you’d joined the land of the non magical muggles and the wonders of life paled, became common, and what you once considered magic, became an easily explained away phenomenon.

But you are magical. We all are – just not in the way we have been led to believe the word magic means.



An extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.


Every soul has the capacity to preform magical feats everyday in this world. Not Harry Potter, wizardry type magic but simple, life transforming magic that is no less as powerful. Perhaps you have lost this power. Perhaps it has been trained out of you due to a series of disappointing life experiences. But make no mistake, it still lives, smoldering deep inside of you. The only question is, how do you re-ignite it?

There are three main components of this human magic. I call them the three C’s. These are simple actions that when practices on a regular basis can create extraordinary power and influence. Magic is as much a skill as it is an art and like any skill or art, it must be honed and perfected with regular practice. So if it is your wish to regain your magical power, you must introduce it as a regular habit back into your life.

The first C – Connection

A skill that begins developing the moment you are born. Babies connect to their parents to meet the elemental emotional and physical needs to be nurtured, feel safe and thrive. As we grow our connection environment grows to include extended family, then friends and finally colleagues and associates.

Our intuition, or gut instinct is the tool we are born with that enables us to determine who we can trust and who we should fear but as we grow, if this ability is not developed, we may not be able to connect with others on the level that is required for human magic to be created.

Connection is the souls ability to see another kindred spirit. It is that instant knowing that a person you meet is a vibrational match and is safe, or is not a vibrational match and should be avoided.

Without being able to connect to others with trust, compassion, love and understanding, we close ourselves off from experiencing everyday human magic and instead run the risk of living in a very dark world where the anti-connection emotions of fear, distrust, hate and jealousy live. Think of the ability to connect to others as your magic wand.


The second C – Collaboration

Collaboration is like the magic spell of human magic. This is where we see synchronicities happen, the alchemy of life. When two or more souls come together with positive intent, wondrous things can happen.

The special sauce for any human magic to be created is, intent. There has to be a sense of desire, but here is the cool part, it does not have to be conscious to both parties for human magic to be created. That is why we experience random acts of kindness. Like attracts like so if you are sending out positive vibes because, in general, you have a strong connection towards your fellow man, then you are open to receive life affirming proofs of that faith.

This luck comes in the form of everyday magic such as the person who not only gives you directions when you are travelling, but suggests other, less known sights making your holiday experience far richer. Or the person ahead of you in the drive thru who pays for your order. Or maybe the neighbour who brought in your garbage cans, or shovelled your driveway. The simplest and most frequent display of human magic is a stranger, maybe in the bank line up or passing by you on the street, who brightens your day with a smile and a laugh. This is the alchemy of connection and collaboration in action.

But like any magician, once the elementary, every day spells are perfected, the need to create even more elaborate human magic becomes the desire. Real collaboration is needed for this level of magic to manifest. For no one person can do it alone and this is where the third “C” of human magic comes in.


The third C – Creation

Three is a powerful number. It is the manifestation of adding one and two together. When you form a connection and collaborate with others, humans can create amazing things and that’s some powerful mojo. It is the third possibility; your ideas and my ideas coming together to create something even greater than before.

Even the lonely artist, working diligently in his studio has human magic to thank for his ability to create his masterpiece. With out his connection to human nature, he would not have the insight to portray human emotion on canvas. With out collaboration, he would not have the tools, such as his paint brushes, paints and maybe even his canvases which were produced by others with magical talents in their own field. Again, collaboration does not have to be conscious to all parties but their contribution, however small, adds to the greater creative spell.

Now think about when human magic truly produced a creation more astonishing, more magical than any human has ever seem. Something like man walking on the moon, or eradicating a debilitating disease such as polio, or even something physical that has spanned the passing of time like the great pyramids. In order for creation that powerful, many humans would have had to connect together in focused intent and collaborate with each magician providing their own energy and expertise in order for such wondrous outcomes to be created. With out all three of these components, creation at this level could never be achieved.


You don’t need to believe in magic, you are magic. You need to believe in yourself.


Humans have the magical capacity to create a world far beyond our wildest dreams. A person living one hundred years ago would never have imagined that one day we could access the knowledge of the world in a little palm sized device and that most people living on the planet would own such a device. I am sure that from their experience and perspective, a smart phone would have been considered magical to them. It was only through connection, continued collaboration and the ever desire to create that the possibility is in existence today.

And that’s the thing, the human experience is ever evolving. What we create tomorrow has not even been thought of today. How can you not say magic does not exist to the child in the future who will never know about diseases we are eradicating right now. How can we not stand in wonder of the things we are inventing right now that were not even possible 10 years ago.

But where human magic has the most potential and can create the most powerful of spells is by connecting with positive intent with other humans. This is big magic. This is magic that has been barely tapped into. This is human potential and with it, the possibilities for connection, collaboration and creation will be magical indeed.














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