Trust Yourself -Why It’s The Only Sane Thing You Can Do Right Now

Are you like me where there are days, well actually most days, where you feel like you are living in a hurricane? Instead of extreme wind and rain, the chaotic storm circling us is fueled by lies, mistrust, viruses and even hate. Is it any wonder that anxiety is at an all time high? Is it any wonder that folks are fearful, even angry? Because being in this current societal hurricane there are few safe shores and little to cling to for protection as we do our best to weather this unprecedented tempest of our time.

Except in all this turmoil there is a great lesson. One that will not only help you build some protective defenses for yourself, but if learned by the masses, can help rebalance the greater energy currently in our society and help to calm the storm.

This is an ancient lesson that has been taught in fables and legions for eons. A heroes journey, and one that is not for the timid because it requires standing in fear and facing great foes but once accomplished, offers the reward of great wisdom and inner strength.

The lesson is to learn to trust yourself.

We are inundated with conflicting information daily in record amounts. To put it in perspective, using an analogy for our computer age, the average media connected person takes in approximately 34 gigabytes of information a day. With all that data filling our consciousness, is it any wonder folks have a hard time knowing what to believe in? Yet when we succeed in the ability to trust ourselves, we become armed with the inner support system that nature equipped us with, and is designed to filter out the information that does not serve us. It also enables us to deflect unnecessary chaos and turmoil from our lives.

In order for you to begin to trust yourself, there are three areas within you that need to be fortified. These are the tools that need to be brought out of your inner tool shed, dusted off, cleaned of any rust and finely sharpened and oiled. They will work together to provide you with a fortress of protection against the insane world we currently live in.

Congruency – Your personal line in the sand

It’s all about knowing yourself. So how can you trust what you don’t know? Your line in the sand is that moral point where you do not feel congruent within yourself if you cross it. It is your collection of beliefs that you hold to be true. But in order to be congruent, or in balance within yourself and there by live with a set of moral codes and beliefs, you also need to examine and discard the morals and beliefs you have inside that no longer serve you or that are not true for you.

Congruency is living in a state of agreement with our corresponding beliefs. For example, if I believe in climate change then I should also live in a manner that does not harm the environment. If I believe that all lives matter, then I should practice compassion with everyone I meet even when I feel uncomfortable because their appearance or culture or beliefs are different than mine. Having your morals, beliefs and actions in a congruent state is in essence knowing what you stand for, or understanding where your line in the sand is; the personal boundary in which you are not willing to step over in life.


Let’s face it, even if you are confident with your moral line in the sand, crap still happens that is out of your control. Having resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. Life will always be testing your beliefs. It delights in knocking you off balance and pushing you into the drama, challenges and chaotic energy of the outer world. When you practice resiliency, you’re able to bring your life back to your own internal center of trust and balance much quicker and then get on with life.

Resiliency is also the art of letting go and plays a big part in living a congruent life. You can not practice self trust if you are holding on to past hurts. Once you have examined your old belief systems and discarded those that no longer serve you, resiliency acts like a barrier to protect you from them creeping back into your life.

Think of resiliency as the elasticity of your moral code or personal line in the sand. Life may push and pull at you but if your personal boundaries are strong and resilient, the line you have set will snap back to it’s original setting, straight and true.


I left intuition to last because with out a doubt, this is the most powerful tool you have when learning to trust yourself.

Intuition is that quiet inner voice inside of you. It’s that gut feeling, that flash of an image in your mind’s eye, that bad taste in your mouth or the goose flesh on your skin. Intuition is your personal radar system that is constantly sending you signals that report back the state of your current field of energy. It is your connection to source and is the truest form of guidance you have. When you listen and trust your intuition above all else, you are practicing the art of trusting yourself.

The easiest way to strengthen your intuition is to simply pay attention to it. Play with it a bit and test its accuracy, it’s your best barometer for guidance and truth. Your intuition is unique to you so the more you learn to trust it, the more you’ll learn to trust yourself.

Congruency – Resilience – Intuition

How does this help the world at large when learning to trust yourself is such a personal experience? Well let’s look at this in another way.

Your personal line in the sand is in essence, your level of integrity. So how would the world be different if the majority of people out there practiced a higher standard of ethics as well?

Your ability to practice resiliency is your ability to let go of drama, anger and hurt. So how would the world be different if the majority of people out there were able to get over every little slight or every injustice, real or perceived that happened to them?

Your intuition is your inner guidance system. So how would the world be different if the majority of people out there chose to listen to their own wise inner counsel first, before automatically reacting negatively to the never ending salacious headlines and fake news circulating daily?

Could learning to trusting ourselves also be a simple answer for the world at large to learn once again to reach out and trust our fellow man?

The reality is that the best thing that you can do to protect your energy and live a more harmonious life is to trust yourself first. That means trusting your beliefs and morals, listening to your intuition, or inner guidance system, as well as learning how to be resilient and bounce back from personal setbacks in life.

To trust yourself and live in congruency is to center yourself in the eye of the hurricane and not allow it to suck you in to its turmoil and chaotic energy because in the eye, everything is calm.

By practicing resiliency for your life, you create a barrier of protection from any flying debris that may break away and come at you from the surrounding storms of life.

And in listening to your intuition, and following it’s wise guidance, you are able to make sound decisions for your life that keep you firmly grounded with an internal, peaceful state of self protection. You will be trusting yourself above all else and when you do, you will find that like all things in nature, the chaotic energy that is our current, swirling hurricane of an outer life, will eventually blow itself out and leave clear, calm skies in its wake, and life will go on.

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