I Can Feel Your Thoughts And So Can Everyone Else

What if people could all of a sudden, hear your thoughts? What if that random snarky opinion that you ranted in your head and directed at the salesclerk who only asked if she could help you, was also heard in her head loud and clear? Alternately, what if that appreciative musing for the beautiful lady or handsome man who just strolled past you on the street was registered in their brain too?

And what if you could hear their thoughts as well?

The fact is, on an energetic level you can read their thoughts, and they yours.

I heard that. You’re thinking that the Crone has lost it this time. Well more to the point, I felt it, in my energy field. Let me explain.

Human beings put out an energy field. A vibrational current produced through our thoughts and feelings. It flows from us and in turn, our bodies also act like a radio antenna that can receive other’s vibrational output as well.

Have you ever walked into a room and sensed tension between the other folks in that room even though nobody says a word? It’s because the energy that just flowed out of them was probably a vibration of anger, or some other form of drama. Your energy body tuned into it like a radio receiver picks up a radio wave from a radio station. But most importantly, your thoughts and emotions become in tune with this dramatic energy wave and triggers that vibration in you. It strikes a chord like plucking the string of a guitar and then resonates at lightening speed into your body where it quickly finds a vibrational match and you instantly think, what’s going on here, something does not feel right.

Now imagine for a moment that these thought and emotional vibrations flow out into the world and never stop until they find another vibrational match. It’s not hard to imagine, scientist send radio waves out into deep space in hopes of having another life form connect with it and reply back. Hopefully friendly life forms, because the vibrational level of the message being sent out is one of peace, but the radio wave will continue to vibrate outwards until it finds a receptor to receive it.

The same happens on earth. Our thought and emotional energy vibrations, once emitted from us, flow until they find a vibrational match to receive it.

Here’s why this is important and is something to consider. What if millions of people in the world are sending out similar thought and emotional energy vibrations? How would those energy waves effect the attitudes of the masses?

Let me use an example of how quickly a thought, attached with a underlying emotion, transmits out to the masses.

Last March, just after the pandemic started shutting down countries around the world, people here in Canada began hoarding toilet paper. Before long, toilet paper was being bought up like crazy, prompting stores to begin to limit one package per shopper in order to ensure a minimum level of stock. For a short time, toilet paper supplies became scarce.

Now this was an absurd reaction from anxious folks whose lives were about to be changed due to Covid-19 but at no time did the authorities say go out and buy toilet paper. At no time before the mass buy up, did any manufacturer announce a potential supply shortage. There was not even a medical reason caused by the symptoms of the pandemic to warrant folks to go out and acquire a hoard of toilet paper. So what happened?

A large flow of panic energy, that’s what.

Imagine this possible scenario. It started with a few folks feeling anxious so they decided to stock pile some basic supplies, as at the time, the world as a whole was not sure what was really happening. While out in the shops, these few folks begin to project out into their energy fields the vibration of fear and anxiety. Other shoppers who are feeling a similar fear and anxiety but not doing anything about these feelings become perfect antenna to receive a further dose of that energy vibration. As they shop in the same store with the first group of toilet paper hoarders and witness the TP buy up, they also begin to feel compelled to stock up as well.

Now it could have stopped right there and the shop would have had a good day selling toilet paper but that vibrational energy grew, because now instead of a few hoarders sending out the thoughts and emotions of fear and scarcity, many more were. This larger group then go home with their own pile of toilet paper and tell others about buying huge quantities of TP, who in turn picked up that vibrational wave of fear and scarcity with their own antenna and because it matches their own internal fear and anxiety, they too go out and stocked up.

Here’s the crazy part of this. Media took up the story. Joke memes were created and even though the average person laughed at the absurdity of the toilet paper hoarders, the vibrational energy continued to flow, but now, because of traditional and social media, at breakneck speed.

Why is that? Because if in you, there was some level of fear or anxiety brought on by the pandemic and padded with a dose of uncertainty, that energy vibration found a match in you, even if on a low level and odds are, you too picked up at least one extra package of toilet paper to calm that fear vibration with the higher vibration of certainty.

Now consider the chaotic swirl of energy the whole world is experiencing right now. Would it be reasonable to say that there is a lot of fear and anxiety, even hate, out in the world right now? Folks are worried about the environment, their livelihoods, feeding their families, fake news, poor leaders, racism, contracting Covid-19, masks or no masks; the list is pretty long these days and it’s all sending out vibrational waves of fear, hate, distrust and anxiety. People who don’t usually have thoughts and emotions like this now have their personal antenna tuned in to this frequency causing incongruence within themselves. It is that incongruence that is creating the chaotic energy the people on this planet are currently experiencing. Folks don’t know what to think or feel right now. The energy within us is not vibrating in the harmonic state (the opposite of chaotic) it once did.

So how can we counter this current chaos? By being aware of what we are putting out into the energy field currently circling around the world.

When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, choose more positive ones. Purposely choose to count your blessing instead of focusing on your fears.

If you do think a nice thought about another person, share it with them. Words have strong vibrational energy because they are usually fuelled with both a thought and an emotion. When the recipient receives the nice compliment, their thoughts and emotions improve as well and so odds are, they will be giving off higher vibrational energy waves themselves which in turn may reach even more folks.

Remember I mentioned above the example of walking into a room where you could feel the tension that was being released into the room by the people in it? Well consider an alternative scenario.

You walk into a room where two people are joking and laughing. You immediately feel this positive energy and it puts a smile on your face. They include you in the joke because they’re in such good moods and feel compelled to share. After you leave this happy energy, you feel light and carefree so when you accidentally bump into another person and spill a drink you’re carrying, you brush it off with little disruption to your energy field because the good vibes you’re still riding on makes you except the incident as nothing more than a silly little accident.

Now think about how you might have reacted if you had just walked out of that highly tense energy room in the original scenario and bumped into someone causing your drink to spill. What level of energy might you release out towards that other person and how in turn would it effect their thoughts and emotions that they themselves, will in turn be putting out into the world?

Human are energetic beings. We are walking transmitters and receivers and we tune into the energy stations that match our own vibrations. So be aware what you are broadcasting out into the earth’s energy field because I might be able to feel your thoughts and you may never know who else out there can as well.

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