Grace On The Grid – A Simple Concept To Add More Love Into The World

Have you ever had a complete stranger go out of there way to help you out? Maybe you were lost and a kind soul took you to where you needed to be. Maybe you were in a drive through getting a coffee and found that the car in front of you has paid for your order. Or maybe, the act was as simple as someone making you smile or laugh when you were having a really bad day. These would all be random acts of grace.

Let’s look a little closer at what grace is before I explain what I mean by adding it to a grid.

When we extend a grace to someone, we are giving, of our free will, a favour or an approval that they may not have expected or have earned. Grace is about showing a kindness to someone else, even if they might not deserve it, or appreciate it, or even return the favour.

Now that might not seem like such a hard thing to do as the vast majority of folks are kind and thoughtful, but could you offer a grace to someone who does not abide your lifestyle or your beliefs? Could you offer a grace to someone suffering from addiction even when your opinions are contrary to their current situation?

In order to offer grace, you need to also show compassion, sympathy and concern for their suffering or misfortunes as well, otherwise what you are offering them is just a handout. Grace transcends charity by offering a blessing of the energy of love as well. It is the act of seeing past the outer circumstances of the person before you and connecting to their soul instead. So that even if the person does not, or can not acknowledge the act of grace, their soul will.

This is where the grid comes in. Grid is just another term for universe, the matrix, the field of possibilities, the quantum field or to put it another way, the invisible energy field or grid that connects all things.

I have to take a pause here and tell you where this term came from for me. A couple of weeks ago I was lamenting to my dad that I was thinking of winding down this blog. I was feeling that perhaps I had said all that I have to say and that maybe it was time to do something else. The reality was that I was just going through a lull, or in the writing world what is called, a writer’s block. So as is my habit, I sent out a call to the universe to show me my next step. I didn’t need a big vision, just a sign post to point me in the next direction.

The next day, (because the universe is constantly communicating and answers come quickly if you are willing to pay attention) while watching a YouTube video with Caroline Myss, the renowned medical intuitive and author, she made a comment on the need for humans to add more grace to the grid to counter the negativity that is rampant at present out in the world. Her comment hit me like a ton of bricks and in my head for the rest of the day the simple mantra, “grace on the grid, grace on the grid, grace on the grid” played in my head like a broken record. And so down a rabbit hole of curiosity I went and as I went, more and more thoughts and ideas bubbled up for me to write about in this blog.


If you know about the law of attraction, then you should be aware of the concepts that like attracts like and that thoughts become things. It is on the grid, or quantum field that thoughts manifest into things but it is the emotions that you generate out into this field that attracts what you think about back to you in the form of a real thing. So if you think negative thoughts, and feel negative emotions, or to put it another way, have a negative attitude, you’ll attract back into your life negative situations. The same is true for attracting positive things into your life by thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions.

But we’re talking the grid here, the field that effects us all. So if there is more negative thoughts and emotions permeating the grid, does it not follow that we, as a whole world, are experiencing more negativity? You’d have to be living in a remote cave and be deaf, dumb and blind to boot to not feel, see and hear the negative energy that has manifested out in the world currently. So perhaps it’s time to boost up the positive side of the grid as well.

Expressing gratitude in your personal life is important as well, and is something that we should all do daily. Count your blessing, no matter how small, as it all contributes to the positive side and helps balance the grid. It wasn’t that long ago when most families said “grace”, a small prayer of thanks, before digging in to eat their supper. Think about how that one simple daily practise of gratitude, offered up by the vast majority of society, use to consistently contributed a steady stream of positive energy to the grid. Where else have we lost these traditions of thanks?

The act of grace is a generous gift of positive vibrations for someone who may not have the ability to express their own gratitude right now. Love, gratitude, hope, joy – are the highest vibrations we humans can offer. They are in us to give, and the residual effects are amplified right back at us as well which is a wonderful, and instant return on our energy investment.

And here’s the thing, when you feel love and gratitude, the whole world naturally softens and brightens for you. You feel at peace and connected. But when you freely offer a grace to another person, you are compounding that deposit of positive energy on the universal energy grid because now two souls are feeling and transmitting the energy of love.

Offering grace is actually a simple act because it is what your soul is meant to do. So if you think a kind thought, then act on it. If the thought comes into your head – I should help my elderly neighbour and rake up her leaves, then do it. If you have spare change, offer it to the homeless guy before he asks. More importantly, if you want to grace his soul, offer a smile or a few kind words so he can feel acknowledge and connected as well. And the next time someone asks you for direction, don’t just point the way, extend some grace and show them the way.

One last thing to think about. If we’re all connected to this invisible energy grid, then would it not also follow that it’s innate in us to also seek, on an energetic level, a constant connection to it? Extending grace is to connect to another person in an act of selfless favour, or a show of kindness, but in the process what you are actually doing is offering the grace of connection to the field of possibilities to yourself as well. The more you connect to all that is, the more beauty is reflexed back into your life, and that is the universe, or God of you prefer, offering you a grace in return.

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  1. thanks Diana 🙂

    you always seem to share on that which i am ruminating, and my thinking becomes clearer

    your grace fills me

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