3 Important Ways We No Longer Give Our Word, And Why We Should

It used to be, if a person gave their word to do something, it was as good as done. A handshake and a promise was all that was needed between parties and the contract was made. But today, we no longer value this kind of agreement. Fake news, false statements, misdirection, and out right lies permeate our society like weeds through concrete. Who can you believe anymore?

On the surface, lies and untruths are chipping away at the walls of modern society but what a lot of folks don’t realize is that these same deceptions are also eroding our energetic world as well.

Words have power. This has been proven scientifically. We all know that if you talk kind words to a plant, it will flourish, while constant negative words weakens it. Dr. Masaru Emoto revolutionary work with the molecular structure of water and the energy of words showed how frozen water crystals could be changed by human thoughts and words.

When you think that humans are made up of 70% water, it’s not hard to see how words can effect us on a molecular level. And let’s be honest, we all can recall an incidence in our lives where someone else’s words will, still to this day, effect our current emotions.

So yes, words have power, but there are 3 ways that the spoken word holds great energetic power and yet sadly, it feels like we are no longer taught the reverence of these rituals. More importantly, we need to at least understand how they effect us internally.

A Promise

When you promise something, you are giving an assurance that you will do a particular thing. This creates a bond of trust between two parties and your personal integrity is now on the line to complete the task and when you do, you make an energetic deposit into the other parties bank of belief in you. Promises are the mortar that holds the walls of society together and we are in no shortage of examples of how broken promises are gnawing at it seams.

Trust is the by-product of a fulfilled promise. When you have complete trust in another person, group or government, a broken promise can be devastating because when we trust, we let go of our own energetic reins and feel secure. A broken promise equates to a personal lack of safety towards that person or entity. It is only with time, and considerable deposits of completed promises that the safety between you and them can be rebuilt, but the energetic scar, no matter how small, will always remain.

A Vow

A vow, or an oath, is a solemn promise evoking divine witness and creates a energetic bond between three parties – you, the party you are promising to and God. A vow is a sacred act and is marked in the Akashic records, or book of life – a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.

Vows are contracts of the soul and are very much like the soul contracts we make when we choose to incarnate into human form. Except, were as a soul contract is a sacred vow between your soul and God of the human lessons you wish to learn while in this particular body and life, a vow while on earth is a promise made solely by you to another soul or entity and witnessed by God.

Vows are harder to break energetically than a promise, especially the longer the vow holds. As the bond of a vow strengthens with time, it absorb into our cells and can become a part of us. In traditional marriage vows, we are told to cleave to our spouse and become one flesh. The idea being one of sexual intimacy but in fact, the intimacy is deeper than just flesh and bone. That is why divorced couples can still pull the emotional strings of the other partner. Breaking an oath of allegiance to a group, cause or country is similar and can often lead to extreme guilt and regret even years later.

Vows can also transcend generations. A vow of poverty made by an ancestor centuries ago may still be evoked on your lifetime. So if your family has struggled for generations with scarcity and lack, perhaps it’s time to break an old vow and clear out that sacred contract.

Ending a vow needs conscious intent for such an energy clearing and I would suggest researching how to do such a thing thoroughly, before you embark on any clearing of vows, oaths or soul contracts.

A Prayer

One might think that praying is only for the religious but the simple truth is, praying is simply communicating with the divine. Praying strengthens our relationship with the universe. Whether you communicate only from your mind, or with words spoken out loud, the divine will hear. You may notice that I have not used the word God here and I’ve done so intentionally, because prayer can be used to communicate to the whole spiritual realm.

The concept of, “what is in one, is in the whole” applies here. We are all connected – you, me, nature, and the universe, and prayer is how we converse.

Now what prayer is not, is a means to bargain. We’ve all done it, prayed for mercy in times of desperation and maybe made a promise as payment in return if only our prayer would get answered. Did you pay up, or did you break your promise? Remember that a promise is your solemn word that you can be trusted and will follow through. So if the universe can’t trust you to follow through on your promises, you just may find that soon those kinds of bargaining prayers fall on divine deaf ears.

Praying is an energy. Studies have been done on prayer circles where a group of people all pray for the same thing and a quantifiable effect can be measured. Just imagine what could happen if the whole world all prayed at the same time for peace.

So how has the decline of these 3 traditions of spoken word affected our society? Well for one, we have become a culture of individuals disconnected from the whole. We’ve come to value the wants and needs of ourselves above others and by doing that, we have sacrificed the ability to commit to others. Promises, vows and prayers are traditions that evoke commitments to others.

Promises, vows and prayers are rooted in ancient traditions. Modern society has rejected the old traditions and instead embraced technology as the new gold standard of life, and while science and technology has connected us together in ways we could only have imagine even a few decades ago, it has no soul and even fewer morals.

And finally, we have become a society that seeks truths and worships facts. Promises, vows and prayers live in the realm of faith, blind trust and hope. Three other words that also seem to be in short supply in our current culture.

Traditional religions are dying. People are turning away from organized faiths in droves but in doing so, they are also leaving behind the principals that societies need for order and wholeness . With out a basic level of trust in our relationships whether personal or communal, we become a society that lives in anger and fear of our neighbour and our leaders. Is this sounding familiar to you?

Our words – what we say and how we say them, plus how we stand behind them, are all we have to show the world we are the kind of person who can be trusted. Be impeccable with your words. Follow through with your promises. Hold sacred your vows and never make one with out deep inner consultation, because the energetic outcomes can last long after you leave this earth. Maintain your connection to source – to all that is – with simple conversations of thanks and gratitude. Request help when needed, but also listen for the gentle replies that offer peaceful answers as well. Conversations, even ones with the divine, are a two way street after all.

One more thing, two other words that seem to be in short supply out in the world right now and that can go a long way towards building trust in the universe and with our fellow man as well – sorry and thank you. We are human after all and not even close to being perfect but an open hearted apology when needed and a sincere appreciation of thanks when it is accepted, is the best way to begin to repair a broken trust when we inevitably fail, even if our intention was genuine to begin with.

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