The Crone’s Mission for 2022 and Beyond. Are You Ready?

This morning while in meditation with my spirit guides, I ask them to give me guidance for all the women out there who identify as a Crone, Wise Woman, Healer, or Grandmother. Let’s face it, if you have not been effected on some level by the craziness that is spiralling around our world right now, you’d have to have been living under a rock. This unprecedented level of fear circulating the world currently was my motivation to call on my guides for help. I wanted to know what can we, as senior members of society do to help? The message I received is, I believe, timely and far more effective than any protest or social outcry could ever be.

So who am I talking to? Well, anyone who cares to pay attention and listen, but I am focusing on my core crone audience for a reason. We are the matriarchal females in society and as such, our role right now is to be the voice of calm and reason. The matriarch’s traditional role has been to be a support for her adult children and help shepherd her grandchildren as they grow with love and guidance but society is in need right now of even more than that. Not only does it need our wisdom, intuition, and healing energy, it needs us to become outward examples of love to counter-balance and calm the underlying percolation of worldwide distrust and fear.

We need to become the matriarchs for all of humanity.

I promise you won’t be required to join any movement. You won’t have to attend any special meetings. In fact, you probably won’t be doing anything that’s much different than what you do now in your day to day life.

What my guides have asked of us is to give a little time, a little compassion and have a willingness to be present.


I hope you are in a position in your life that sees you with a bit more time on your hands. Extra time, what a blessing that is, but if you do not, the investment you choose to make on this worthwhile endeavour may hardly effect your life.

The time my guides speak of is time you may be wasting anyway. It’s the time sitting in a fast food place mindlessly eating your lunch. The time spent in the line up at the grocery store or bank, or the time sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. Any time or place in your day, out in public, where other folks are also gathered – waiting. My guides ask us to use this time to actively engage others.

Why? Because we humans are starved for connection. For the last 2 1/2 years our worlds have been ruled by outside forces that has scripted a message of fear, distrust, even hate. We need the counter-balancing energy of human connection with other caring souls to help us come back to center once again.

So talk to people – say hello, smile, compliment, look into the eyes of another human being and show them kindness.

A month or so ago, a lonely elderly man sat down between me and another older couple at a fast food restaurant and began chatting to the other couple first. They where polite but cold to him and I could see that he was going to try and chat with me next. My first, split second, reaction was to groan inwardly, I didn’t want to chat with him. He was scruffy, and I could tell he was a bit odd. But then I thought to myself – What will this cost me, 5-10 minutes of my time at most? – I’m sitting here anyway. So when he turned to me, I fully engaged with him and let him talk. Because of what he shared with me in that 10 minutes, I realized that other than the polite interaction of a checkout clerk or some other service worker, he probably doesn’t have anyone to talk with in his life. He was starving for human connection.


It cost me nothing in terms of time to be receptive to this lonely fellow’s energetic cry for connection. I only had to expend a little compassion his way; a little attention and kindness, nothing more.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you channel your inner mother Theresa and dedicate the rest of your life to the downtrodden of the world, although if that’s your calling, then bless you. What my guides are saying is, show a little compassion to your fellow man and reserve those opinions brought on by past conditioning.

Understand that small gestures go a long way. Instead of getting agitated at the old woman holding up the line, offer to help her instead. Smile at the teenager with the attitude instead of scowling. It’s just an outward show of bravado to hide his lack of confidence. Make small talk in the bank line up, keep it light, make it your mission to get the person in front of you smiling before they reach the bank clerk. It’s not hard to do.

Be Present

We now have the most slickest tool ever invented to avoid connection while in public. It’s called a smartphone. Next time you are in a waiting room or on a bus, look around to see how many folks are glued to their phones in an attempt to avoid eye contact with others. This exercise alone will bring your energy to the present because you’ll now be actively focused on the situation that’s around you. If someone happens to look away from their screen long enough and focus their eyes your way, don’t forget to smile.

The thing is though, we have now created little cocoons of protection for ourselves to avoid connection while out in public and it has begun to hurt our society in ways no one would ever imagine. Sure social media is addictive and it’s hard to look away but what’s really permeating our lives right now is fear; social media is just a panacea. It’s a world of superficial connection. A low vibrating energy that breeds separation through fear and lack.

Real face to face connections, even small interactions of kindness, create the high energy vibrations of love, compassion, happiness, even joy. Our souls are craving more of this. To counter-balance the fear, anger and hate spiralling around the world and also festering on social media platforms, we all need to actively create more love – in person and in real time.

There are only two emotions, love and fear. All other emotions stem from those two. The world right now has a lot of fear focus. Some of it for valid reasons but most of it is from outdated energies that no longer serve this world. Emotions like: greed, power, hate, inequality and entitlement can not longer be allowed to rule the world if we want it to survive. Kindness, acceptance, compassion, equality, reciprocity and cooperation are the energies that will see us through to a new level of existence here on earth. My guides have told me that we as crones, wise woman, healers, and grandmothers must be examples of this change.

But we must respect diversity, not all senior women are wise, loving souls. Some may never become grandmothers and develop this sacred kind of nurturing love and still others are so encased in fear, it makes it impossible for them to ever offer love and kindness to anyone. It’s not for us to judge, their just more souls for us to care for.

I asked my guides to show me a way for women like me to help mankind. The answer they gave was to be kind to your fellow man. How very simple because in reality, we are all connected. There is no race or colour or gender difference in the spiritual realm, just the energy of love weaving through us and interlacing us all.

As the wise matriarchs for this pivotal generation and generations to come, it’s our task to lead by example. To leave behind a world of peace and love, we must show those who will come after us how to be a world of peace and love. This is our mission for 2022 and beyond.

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

7 thoughts on “The Crone’s Mission for 2022 and Beyond. Are You Ready?

  1. Just simply to say that I could not agree more. Beautiful piece and a clarion call to all the wise woman out there…or women coming into their wisdom now.

  2. Yes! All of this! I have recently become one of my Mom’s caregivers (along with my Dad) while she progresses with Alzheimer’s. Helping someone on their dementia journey is all about being present to where they are and to be that empathetic listener to their partner of 57+ years. We could all use this wisdom. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for coming by and being part of the conversation.
      Wishing you both strength and compassion, not only with the care of your parents but for yourself. Being present and giving of yourself, even in love can drain your reserves. Self care is not selfish it is imperative.
      Diana Frajman
      Modern Crone

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