The Magic in Our Hands

photo of person s open hands
photo of person s open hands
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I had a dream last night about my hands. There was no story to the dream, just me examining my hands. When I woke up, I knew I had to explore the idea of our hands and what part they play in our lives.

I’ve pondered in the past that if I had to give up my hands or my eye sight, which one would I choose? While I don’t wish for either to leave me, I think it would be my hands that I would miss more. I am a very tactile person and feel that I could compensate the loss of sight with touch more than if I could see something but not experience the connection that feeling it could bring.

Our hands are wonderous machines – the original multi tool. 27 bones, 30 muscles, 4 tendons and 2500 nerve receptors per square centimetre make up this wondrous appendage but they are so much more than just a apparatus at the end of our arms, hands have the capacity to create magic.

The practiced movements of a musician’s hands creates the powerful vibrations of musical sounds from an instrument. The steady hand of an artist, can evoke emotions in paint on a canvas. The firm grip of a tool in the hands of a carpenter can construct the security of a home for a family. The dexterous movements of a writer’s fingers flying across a keyboard, can conceive the story of mystical lands full of fanciful characters to delight our hearts.

While our brains have the ability to think up great ideas, it is our hands that create. The word manifestation is formed from the root word manus which is Latin for hand. Hands have the ability to transform the unseen energy of thought into something tangible. In other words, to produce something out of thin air just like the magician on a stage.

Don’t believe your hands hold power? Clap your hands together 4-5 times then hold them a couple of centimetres (an inch) apart. Can you feel a slight resistance similar to the resistance you might feel if to placed the same polar ends of two magnets together? That there is your energy field. We are electromagnetic beings. We produce energy and our hands are conduits of that power.

In fact, our hands are very similar to the polarities of a magnet. Ancient culture’s considered our left hand as the receiver and our right hand as the giver – yin and yang, or opposites of a balanced energy force.

Did you ever wonder why we shake with our right hands? While for the majority of folks, their right hand is their dominant hand, it is also the hand that we emit our energy, so clasping right hands is like connecting our energy with the other person, or as a way to “taste ” their energy. Ever heard the saying “Take the measure of the man”? A right handed handshake is like tasting the energy of a person. On a energetic level, and if we are connected to our gut instincts, we can intuit the energetic intentions of the other person when our right hands grasp in a handshake. In ancient times, that could mean the difference between intuiting friend or foe.

If our left hands are our receiving hand, then next time someone gives you a gift, take it with your left hand. You may feel a greater sense of gratitude as your left hand is more receptive to the incoming, thoughtful energy of the offering.

Hands can heal. Reiki is a practice of sending healing life energy to another through the hands. Massage is another way we use our hands in touch to bring comfort and healing, but just a simple touch from another person, a hand in yours, can deliver a calming effect.

Our hands communicate. I use my hands to convey a greater impact to my words when I speak. In fact, I think my ability to communicate would be severely hindered if I could not include my hands in a conversation. If you have ever been to a country that speaks a different language, then you know the importance of our hands ability to create symbolic communication. A wave to say hello, a hand, palm up, held out in front of us to convey the word stop, a finger pointing to bring attention to almost anything; these are universal forms of communication. And let’s not forget how the creation of the American sign language gave people with hearing or speaking impediments a “voice” to communicate using ones hands.

Our hands can also gift us with insights about ourselves. The lines on our palms and finger tips give us information about our lives in the form of palmistry; also know as hand reading or chiromancy. Will you have a long life? How many marriages? What do the fates predict? Aren’t you just a little bit curious?

Your handwriting can tell you even more. Handwriting analysis, or graphology is the art of attributing character traits and personality types to people based on their handwriting style. Are your letters upright, slanted, loopy? How you write may reveal something about yourself that you may or may not know. So be careful when you write by hand, you may be divulging more about yourself than you may know.

So you see, your hands are not just simple body parts that enable you to live a productive life, they are the magical tools of a powerful being. They are energetic receptors that do much more than grasp, and ungrasp. Your hands hold information, they conduct energy, they have the ability to heal just by touch and they can manifest wondrous things into being with practice and perfected skills. But most of all, you have the capability to control the power within your hands to create what ever you desire. To make your dreams come true, you need to focus your mind but to make that dream a reality, you need to harness the power of your hands and create it.

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