The Four Pillars of Certainty for this Modern Crone

Recently, I posted on my Facebook group, also named Crone Confidence , where I announced that I will be changing the name of this website from Crone Confidence to Diana Frajman – Modern Crone. I am evolving further into my cronehood and so, this website needs to evolve as well. No need to do anything on your part, you will still be able to access this site through but you will also be able to access it through my new domain address which is

I’ll still be posting thoughtful posts about everyday wisdom, but over the next month or so you will see a new look and a new attitude. One that is more reflecting of who I am evolving into as a modern, creative wise woman. This new attitude will show up here and on my other social media as well.

Life changes, we change, and it’s time for a change here too.

Let me just say that this is something that has been rambling in my head for some time now. I felt that Crone Confidence had reached it’s end but I was not quite ready to throw the baby out with the bath water and shut this site completely down. I have written over 400 blog posts on this site over the last nine years and much of those writings are still relevant today and still accessed by interested folks. Still, I felt ready for some sort of change.

This site was originally called The Crone’s Apprentice. At that time, I didn’t feel qualified to call myself a Crone, I still had much to learn. Then one day and four years later, while in the shower, the name Crone Confidence just downloaded into my head and I knew it was time, I could feel confident about being a Crone.

It was my dear friend Krish Surroy who gave this site it’s new name. I was lamenting to him over whether to close this site down and start a fresh new one or keep hacking at this one. He said that he could see me as Diana Frajman – Modern Crone, and just like the shower download, I instantly knew what needed to be done.

It has been an evolution for me from feeling like an apprentice to becoming a confident Crone but now, in order to stand in my own sovereignty and continue the evolution, I need to come out from the shadows of the website’s name, one that encompasses an idea and mature lifestyle, and own it by declaring who I am with my name front a center.

That being said, I thought long and hard about the ramifications of this change. Who am I know? What do I stand for and how do I want to project that out into the world using my own unique gifts. Big, deep, questions. But the universe ended up having the last laugh in this regard.

I decided, that as an evolved Crone, I need a philosophy – a foundation of truths from which I can make all other decisions in my life moving forward. It was then that I came up with my four pillars of certainty. These four philosophies are how I personally view life and the basis that I operate from. Yours could be vastly different from mine as your life and experiences are vastly different but to understand your own personal pillars of certainty, is to understand yourself – and you can not be a sovereign being unless you understand yourself.

So I thought long and hard and came up with, what essentially is, the essence of me. Here are my four pillars of certainty in the order that they need to be for me to understand my authenticity:

  1. The first pillar is imagination. With out the ability to imagine another possibility, or to devise a solution to a problem, or even to envision a new chapter in ones life, you need to be able to use your imagination. The definition of insanity as attributed to Albert Einstein is: to do the same thing over and over again but expect a different result. You need imagination to think outside the box that is your current reality otherwise you might just go insane, well at least continue to be stuck in place. I for one embrace change and revel in using my imagination to make it so.
  2. The second pillar is intuition. Whether you call it a gut feeling or your inner voice talking to you, intuition is our most reliable source of personal truth. You need the compass of your intuition to ascertain if what your imagination is conceptualizing is going to be the right solution for you. It was my intuition that instantly told me the the name my friend Krish offered as a solution to my quandary was perfect, I knew it in my gut. As I learned to understand myself, I learned that my intuition never fails me and it’s an intricial element of me.
  3. The third pillar is creativity. Creativity is imagination and intuition in motion. It is how you manifest. It is how you take a dream that you imagined and make it real. The creative part of me was dormant for many years and it was only when it reawakened a year or so ago that I realized a large part of me had been missing. I am a creator, a maker, a manifester of my imagination. It is also through my creativity that I can offer my authentic gifts to the world.
  4. The fourth pillar is sovereignty. As I said above, you can not be the queen of yourself and be in charge of your own life if you don’t understand who or what you are in charge of. It is a loop of sorts, with out being able to imagine, or trust your intuition, or create your world, you can not be sovereign unto yourself, but you need to be sovereign unto yourself in order to believe in what you imagine, trust that your intuition is your true support system and then create with confidence.

I was so proud of myself for developing this personal philosophy, so smug in my cleverness but a few days later when a return comment from an author that I had contacted to compliment a series she has written, lead me to my own writings. She said that she liked my “What is a Crone” page and in all honesty, it had been quite a long time since I read it myself so I clicked over to it and reread my definition.

This is where the universe had the last laugh because there in my description of a modern Crone was the essence of my “new” philosophy. It has always been my pillars of certainty, I just didn’t know it.

Like Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz said, “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”

The thing is, we are all so much wiser than we ever give ourselves credit for. The bread crumbs of my evolution were right here in the blog. Instead of stewing over whether to end this blog and move on or not, all I needed to do was to follow the clues that were already here.

It’s ironic but in that very same conversation with my friend Krish, we talked about how someone else can see the obvious solution to a problem that you are having and when they express it, you can almost smack yourself for the simplicity of the answer.

What I know for sure is that this website with soon evolve into Diana Frajman – Modern Crone. What I also know for sure is that the evolution of me will never be complete until I draw my very last breath.

Until then, I hope you continue to enjoy the journey right along side me.

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