The Wisdom of the Mustard Seed

The other day I treated myself to an afternoon nap. Yay for me! When I was just becoming awake – that liminal in-between space of sleep and wake where your mind is conscious, but your body is still in sleep mode, I asked my spiritual guides this question, “What do I need to know right now?”

Before I go any further, let me say that if you have a problem or quandary, the moment before being fully awake is a good time to get any questions answered. Our ego hasn’t fully engaged yet with all its filters, beliefs and resistances, so we are more open to receiving answers to our problems from our higher self and or our spirit guides.

Within a spilt second, the image of a flat reed basket full of seeds appeared into my mind’s eye and I identified them as mustard seeds. The answer was that fast and as soon as I said in my head the words, “mustard seeds” my eyes popped open, and I was fully awake.

Now I have said this before, and I’ll probably say it many times more – the universe is constantly speaking to us. All we need to do is pay attention. The message may come as an intuitive hit, an outside message literally written on the wall, an opportunity that comes your way which leads you further along your chosen path, or if you are consciously aware, in the form of a symbolic picture in your mind’s eye.

I knew that the mustard seed is a Christian symbol and was mentioned in the bible 5 times but that was about as far as my knowledge went on the subject, so off to my handy laptop for a google search.

Faith and Growth

“From the humble beginnings of a little seed, a great plant can grow and in turn, provide protection for birds and small animals as well.”

This ancient parable teaches the lesson to have faith in your small endeavors because with a little perseverance, they can grow into big dreams that in turn helps others as well.

A lovely piece of wisdom without a doubt, but how did this apply to the question I had just asked my guides?

Well, it has to do with the projects I am in the process of putting together. One creative and one more of a perspective change, or rather a redefined personal philosophy. These ideas have been rattling in my mind for a little while now and the more I think on them, and the less I actually do on them, the more I over analyze and become stuck in doubt. I get so far ahead of myself in the planning that the idea becomes overwhelming to the point where I talk myself out of the project altogether. Can anyone else relate to this?

My ideas are the mustard seeds, but as with all seeds, there is no chance it will grow if it does not get planted. That’s where faith comes in. Without a little faith, or taking a chance without any guarantees of success, nothing good will ever happen.

Everything that has ever been created, begins as a spark of an idea, but it can never be manifested into something real without a little momentum. It’s the initial action taken that gets the ball rolling. It’s the leap or the first step; this is the seed being seeded.

But faith is a little more. It’s the tending of the tender sprout as it pushes through the soil of resistance. It’s the responsibility taken to water the plant (idea) regularly even though there is no proof that a harvest will result. It’s the commitment to nourish and care for it regardless of the outcome.

All great things, all great creations, all big businesses, have to begin somewhere and believe me when I say, these ideas of mine, at this stage, are small seeds. My spirit guides understood this and as such, showed me a symbol that represented my ideas perfectly, but they also showed me what I truly did need to know right now. That is to have faith in them, nurture them well and they will grow into something far greater than perhaps I might have ever imagined.

One last thing: Google is a wonderful tool, and in my search for the meaning of the symbolism of the mustard seed, another interpretation was offered for when the mustard seed symbol is seen in a dream. Then, it’s also a symbol of good luck. Now I may have been almost awake when the image came into my head but I’m going to pump up my faith for my projects just a little by believing that luck is also on my side for a successful outcome, because if there’s one lesson I’ve learned over the years, it’s that while having too much faith at times might blind you to the reality of a situation, you can never have too much luck.

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2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of the Mustard Seed

  1. Your words today have sure spoken to me…..I have a “seed” as such…. which I meditate with full gratitude on everyday. In the meantime, I “lean” into it , at what it will look like.. .. and I live it until it unfolds…..this seed is not quite ready to grow just yet, but I have full faith it will…….

    1. Do not wait until it is ready, it may never be. Instead take a baby step towards it and then another. It might not grow but at least you will find yourself further down the path and that too is growth.

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