Beacons, Spotlights and Lightbulbs – Using your personal energy to light the world.

sunset sky over sea and lighthouse located on hill

sunset sky over sea and lighthouse located on hill
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Ever heard of the term, lightworker? It’s actually a fairly new label coined by author, Michael Mirdad is the 1980’s. Put simply, a lightworker is a person who uses their personal energy to spread healing, peace and love.

Now I’m a practical sort, the word lightworker creates a stereotypical perception in my mind of an airy fairy personality in loose flowing attire, chanting mantras of peace, and saving souls. I might be a bit jaded, so my deepest apologies if this description actually fits you. I just think it’s time to move on.

I feel we’re long past stock spiritual characterizations and while I’m at it, today’s modern witch can be as normal as the clerk at your local grocery store, no cauldron and eye of newt required, and the average Tarot card reader does not resemble a gypsy in brightly coloured scarfs, gold bangles, hooped earrings and all, unless that’s her personal style. Spirituality has now become mainstream and normalized. The New Age movement, in my opinion, has just become the present age.

Every one of us has the potential to be a lightworker in some form or other. If you radiate kindness, you’re a lightworker. If you go out of your way to help another, you’re a lightworker. If you are in service to others, you’re also a lightworker. In other words, when you give of your time and energy, you brighten the world around you, so you are a lightworker.

Chemical reactions within our bodies create heat and energy, which we need to live and function, but they also emit small amounts of photons which are elementary particles of light. The aura, or energy field that halos our bodies is proof of these biophotons. We actually glow folks.

Our faces seen to have the strongest biophoton field, probably because our faces also absorb the most sunlight as well, giving us an extra boost of light energy. Have you ever seen a person who was “glowing” with happiness? Happiness is a high energy vibration, and because the face holds the strongest biophoton field, the emotion actually turns up the brightness.

I might add that biophotons, or light energy is stored in raw vegetables as well. Another reason to eat your veggies for health and vitality.

So every single person, and all other living beings on earth for that matter, emit light and have the potential to live in a field of high vibration through positive emotions, positive actions, and living a healthy lifestyle. You don’t even have to be conscious that you are a lightworker, you only need to live in a high vibration and others will bask in your field of biophotons as well.

Have you ever been drawn to someone who’s energy radiated in such a way that you felt an instant kinship to them? Or maybe they glowed with charisma and you couldn’t help wanting to be around them. Maybe they oozed certainty and you knew on a cellular level that they possessed great wisdom. I call these souls – beacons.

Beacons are people who have true sovereignty over themselves. They exude confidence and surety and they stand in high vibration. They do not need to be leaders or public figures, although many are, but you can identify them as beacons because they seen to stand out in any crowd like a lighthouse guiding you away from the storms of life. They are the reliable ones, the wise ones, the safe harbours. Beacons stand as examples of moral and just living, of lives that most of us aspire to.

You are not in the spotlight, you are the spotlight.

Tad Hargrave

I recently watched a video by the business coach, Tad Hargrave – Marketing For Hippies, where he talked about the fear of being seen. I loved his analogy that we are not in the spotlight but rather, we are the spotlight. The idea that the light, or attention, is not shining on us but instead, that the light, or intention is shining from us. How wonderful to consider that your light can actually benefit others in business as well, just by living the life you were meant to live. So instead of having a mission in life, you are the mission. Your energy – your light, is what you are meant to bring to this world. Makes navigating this crazy life much simpler when all you’re really meant to do is just be your best self.

That was a lightbulb moment for me – I am the spotlight. The light shines from me, and I in turn attract souls to me who resonate with my unique brilliance. We all do.

In you is the capacity to shine a light on whatever interests you. The secret is to harness your energy into a spotlight focus and radiate it outwards, and if you believe in your mission, live in high vibration, you will become a beacon on earth, offering love and light to others who are living in darkness.

But if you think, thanks anyways, but I don’t aspire to shine that bright, that’s just fine, but know this, you are a lightworker regardless, just by being alive. When you understand that the light you produce as a living being is more than enough to contribute to this world, especially if we all do the same, then the lightbulb might just turn on in your brain in such a way that you begin to glow and shine brightly anyway.

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