Now Over How – Getting Past the Low Vibration of Lack

I’ve just begun a online business course along with three other people, with the intent of being each other’s accountability. The objective that I set for myself was to create a road map (a business plan) for the services, projects and products I want to create under the Crone Confidence banner. I knew I was embarking on a challenge, that the questions I would have to answer and the clarity I would have to create would not be easy, but I felt it’s time to do the work. So here I am, only the second lesson in and I’ve reached crisis mode.

The second lesson is about my profit picture – identifying my lucrative income streams, understanding my personal strengths, identifying my market, and how to maximize these for maximum profit. In other words, how much do I want to earn, how I plan to earn it, and who am I going to serve to produce this income? The who, what, how of my business plan, or business 101.

The reality is, you can not move forward as a business, if you can not answer these questions. So why has this exercise got me questioning my very existence?

It has to do with vibrations. I preach that there are only two emotions – love and fear. All other emotions fit within these two categories. Love emotions are high vibrating and fear emotions are low vibrating.

Living in low vibrating emotions are how we stay tethered to the situations that we seen out in the world currently. You know the ones that have you feeling frustrated and powerless, the ones that make you feel like you can’t get ahead, or make you afraid for your future? Yeah, those ones.

Living in high vibrating emotions, while seemingly hard, what with the constant barrage of fear based energy out there, are the feelings of joy and happiness, of compassion and empathy, even of fairness and justice. But it’s more than that, to stay in high vibing energy, you need the conviction of faith.

Faith is the glue that holds your soul’s connection to the highest vibrations. You may call that vibration God, or Allah, or all that is – I use the term universe. Faith says, trust that when you are connected to the universal energy of love, all will work out in the highest good for you. If it is meant to be, it will be.

This is what I believe, that if we strive to stay in the highest vibrating energies, those of the emotions of love, and then have our daily actions reflect that outwards with compassion and service to others, then we position ourselves in a vibrational match to the things we want.

It’s not – Ask and it is given.

It’s – Give and it is given.

To put it another way, offer your gifts with the highest intention and in service to the greater good, and you will see this beautiful energy come back in more abundance and amazing ways than you could ever have dreamed of yourself.

So this is where my inner conflict lies and I’m telling you this because odds are, many of you have suffer this very same struggle. When I had to focus my attention on the profit clarity of my business, I encountered the emotion of lack.

Lack is a slippery little devil. He hangs out with doubt and overwhelm and together they use the ego to conjure up all sort of negative scenarios.

My first reactions was to overcome these low vibrating emotions and strike them down with the sword of confidence. I knew they would attack at some point in this business course and I thought I would be ready with the confidence I have in my self and the intention of perseverance that I decided to bring to this class, but lack is a worthy opponent and he attacked right out of the gate. *Note – perseverance is my word of the year for 2023.

I knew my best defense was to step back a moment, re-balance myself and get in touch with my highest intentions. It was there that I found these questions: What motivated me to take this course? Why are these emotional blocks coming up? How does the knowledge from this business course serve me to serve others? Is this information no longer valid for how I want to be and serve going forward?

Now over how.

The answers to these questions came back around to faith, my connection to the universe and the concept of “now over how”.

If all we have is the present and the future is yet to be determined, and when you combine that with a faith in a field of infinite possibilities (the universe) then the only actions needed are to live in love and light and act from those energies every day. The universe will match these vibrations and manifest back to you the same or better. This is the “now”.

If I focus on slogging through this profit clarity exercise, I am sinking into the vibration of lack and the universe will respond in kind and manifest back at me, more lack. This is the “how” or worrying about how to get what I don’t currently have.

This is not what I believe in and not what I teach. I no longer wish to live in a world of fear and lack. I desire to live in a world of love and abundance. Fear and lack are 3 dimensional vibrations and the level that our world is currently mired in. Love and abundance are 5 dimensional vibrations and where the world has the possibility to move forward too, and why I’m having this crisis of faith over this business exercise.

What I need – what I’m searching for, is a paradigm shift in thought. How to bridge an old paradigm model of business, with a new, higher vibrating paradigm as a business module. Will this business course provide it? Perhaps what I need only do is stay in the vibrations of love and light and have faith in the process, that all I need to do is continue forward with the program and the solution will reveal itself in due course, to not worry about the “how” but stay in the “now”.

I’ll keep you up to date on how this personal crisis, and hopefully the solutions, play out because I’m going to bet that if you have ever experienced a similar situation, one where your energies and personal beliefs didn’t match up with a process put before you, then you may be curious, as I am, on what’s on the other side of the block. Stay Tuned.

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