What is a Blessing and How Does it Create Abundance?

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What is a blessing? You might say that it’s a gift you weren’t expecting. You might even say that a blessing is a miracle. Both are correct, but blessings are more common and everyday than most think.

A blessing is anything that you receive that you did not have before.

Let’s examine that for a minute because we might interpret receiving a blessing as receiving a material thing and while that is true, blessings are also immaterial things as well. If you follow the thought that a blessing is anything that you receive that you did not have before, than any small gesture would be a blessing. A smile from someone else would be a blessing because it gave you an emotional lift that you did not have before. Someone making you laugh would be a blessing, a compliment, even compassion directed at you could be considered a blessed gift.

The universe operates on the currency of energy. When another soul offers to you a piece of their energy in any positive way, it is a gift and so you are being blessed with that abundance.

So how do blessings create abundance in your life?

First you have to understand that to open the flow of abundance, you have to connect to it energetically. To do that you need to acknowledge all the blessings that you are constantly receiving, even the simplest of gestures, with this one simple phrase – Thank You.

The phrase, “thank you” is our way of recognizing and accepting the gift that we have just been given. Say it out loud whenever you can, even if it’s only under your breath. Remember, words emit a vibration and “thank you” is a very high vibrating acknowledgement indeed. The more you say this magical phrase, the more in gratitude you will become. Gratitude is love in action, the vibration of the universe.

When you start living from the energy of gratitude and love, you vibrationally match with the energy of the universe, the place where all manifesting originates, and in turn, high vibrating, good things can now flow back to you with more ease.

What you apply your attention to, you attract – this is the essence of manifesting. The universe thinks, wow, they are really focused on gratitude, so it sends you more things to be grateful for. Like attracts like.

Okay, there is just one catch to this simple concept.

Now before you get your knickers in a knot and click off this post, let’s remember that we live in a vibrational universe. As human beings, we express vibrations through our emotions, so you have to not just say “thank you” when being offered a blessing, you have to actually mean it with the emotional vibration of thanks.

Try this simple exercise of acknowledging as many blessings as you can with a heartfelt “thank you” for a week and see if you don’t have a shift in energy around you, and in you. You will feel lighter, happier and may even see an increase of material blessings as well. You may even see the reactions of the folks you interact with on a regular basis change for the better because your energy will reflect the higher vibration of love as well, and that’s a blessing for them in return.

The universe is abundant with the energy of love. It is constantly showing it to us in the form of blessings in every size and form, from a stranger’s smile to full out miraculous miracles. Everyone of them is a valuable gift.

Your parents served you well when they taught you to say “thank you” as a small child. They taught you the secret to an abundant life. I hope you thanked them for the gift.

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