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My Dragon Is Back!

*Warning* This post contains woowoo stuff.  Spirit guides and mystical creatures will be lurking about. Keep an open mind or click on folks.




I have never written about this before. In fact, I have told very few people about this experience. I like folks to feel confident that I am of sound mind. I did however allude to it in a past blog post here.

My first encounter was a couple of years ago while I was doing a guided meditation from Slade Roberson of  Shift Your Spirits  which he created to help folks contact their spirit guides.

If you believe, spirit guides are the spiritual entities that watch over us from the other side and help keep us safe as we live this physical life. They could show up as an angel, or an ascended master such as Buddha, Jesus, or Mother Mary. They could be souls who choose to stay on the other side to assist us as we experience life on earth, or, they could be mythical creatures.

Yes, I said mythical creatures.

As I was going deeper into a meditative state and raising my energy vibration in order to contact my guide or guides, he appeared.

I called him Lou. Well, what I really should say is that he lets me call him Lou. One does not take liberties with a guide such as he – and he is most definitely a he. I could feel with certainty the masculine energy and his impressive power flow off him. Lou is a dragon.

I will stop right here and clarify for you that I am not a person prone to whimsy. I had never had experience with meeting a spirit guide before. I kind of expected the vision of a wise, hermit type, old man or a benevolent, mother figure. That was my expectation. Never in my wildest dreams, and trust me, I rarely have wild dreams, did I expect to see in my minds eye, a dragon come flying towards me. You can imagine my surprise, as well as my scepticism.

Lou is a greenish brown, Celtic dragon complete with scales, wings and a long powerful tail. He does not speak but communicates, which he rarely does, with thoughts in my mind.  He did not declare that he was my guide, or that he was there to protect me, or mentor me, or do anything for me. He was just there, calmly, with immense power and patience. I did not fear him, although I understood he could incinerate me in a heartbeat, should he choose.

In subsequent meditations were he appeared, he let me climb up on his broad back and took me for rides throughout the cosmos. I felt empowered by his presence and looked forward to our meditative time together.

The subject of dragons became an area of interest for me and I began to research them. Mythical dragons, I found out, show up in European, Chinese and American native history and story telling. I found it interesting that several, very different cultures believed in some form of the dragon. Could there be a thread of truth to their existence at some point in history? Were they real or perhaps some morphed interpretation of something that these ancient cultures couldn’t explain from their limited perspectives?

Do they still exist today on this earth plane or are they living on a much higher spiritual plane? Or, is this just a manifestation from my subconscious? Did I just imagine Lou?

My dragon encounter got a little wilder when, while driving in my car doing some errands, I stopped at a red light. When I looked up at a tree that was straight ahead, I saw my dragon hiding amongst the bare branches. He appeared a bit shy, lowering his head, but not so shy as he still winked at me.

Am I losing my grip on reality! Who sees dragons in real life?

I actually drove around the block again to see if what I saw was still there or just a trick of light, or a weird formation of branches.  But when I drove towards the tree from the same angle once again, it was just a tree.

My dragon was gone.

And he was gone. He never again entered my meditations. I asked him to appear; I demanded that he appear but Lou never showed himself to me again.

That was until this week.

I am a member of a secret Facebook group for practicing and emerging intuitives and one of my fellow members posted a comment about being more receptive to spirits when she was in the shower and asked if any of us had ever experienced the same thing with water energy. I had never thought about it before, so I said I would experiment during my next shower and report back..

An opportunity had recently landed on my lap that I was needing to make a decision on and so I ask while in my very next shower for spirit to guide me with some insight to help me decide. Instantly, a large greenish brown eye appear right in front of my minds eye.

Is that you Lou?

He backed up enough so I could see that indeed, it was my wayward dragon. Where had he been all this time and why was he showing up all of a sudden after several years of being a no show?

He did not communicate anything and he just stayed long enough to ensure I knew he was there. Then looped a circle in mid air and simply flew off.

Okay…… I guess their is something to this water theory my Facebook colleague queried about. Or was the water just a coincidence to my dragon returning?

Perhaps my dragon is not a spirit guide at all but instead a symbol representing something else. If you have read enough of my posts, you will know that I am a firm believer that the universe communicates to us by using signs and symbols. Could Lou represent some symbol for something I needed to learn?

I thought about this for a while. What has happened in my life recently that is similar to what was happening in my life at the time my dragon appeared for the first time. Is there a connection?

Dragon symbolism throughout cultures represent power, strength and wisdom. Celtic dragons, are protectors of the earth and it was believed that a magical element flows when the appear. Dragons are considered lucky.

There is an element of luck and serendipity going on in my life right now, and there was as well when my dragon first showed up. Could my dragon be a sign to take advantage of this energy? And what of the opportunity that recently dropped into my lap, was seeing my dragon a symbol for an outcome of luck?

If a dragon represents power and wisdom and possesses magical properties, should I be confident that the answer to my query is a favourable one?

Let the record show, that I have had several showers since, and no dragon. So I have had no follow up opportunities with Lou to get answers.

The psychoanalysis Carl Jung would have explained the vision of a winged dragon in my meditations as a representation of a personal obstacle that I need to overcome to become a more perfect being.

Was Lou showing up again in my life because I had a obstacle to overcome? Could this recent opportunity be my obstacle?

More questions to ponder. I have already said yes to this opportunity, so I guess I will have to wait and see.

Now you know about Lou my dragon. If you have ever been visited in a meditation by a mystical creature or any other unusual being, you will understand my trepidation about telling this story. All I can say is it felt real to me, so I believe. And let’s face it, the connection between a human soul and their spirit guide is a personal experience and that’s really all that matters.

What I saw in my minds eye, what I understood in my head and what I felt in my soul were presented expressly for me, in such a way, that I would be able to obtain a deeper meaning to my reason for being here.

There is no one size fits all spiritual experience.

So if you tell me you have a shiny blue skinned man from Lemuria as your spirit guide, who am I to judge. If he offers insight and wisdom and keeps you safe, you’ll get no comment to the contrary from me. It takes guts to except the unusual, I understand.

Acceptance….. maybe that’s the obstacle my dragon is helping me overcome?

Hmmmm, more things to ponder.






















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