6 Signs That You May Be Attracting Chaotic Energy



I once knew a man who, it seemed, that every time I saw him, he was on crutches or sporting a cast on one of his arms, or a shiner on one of his eyes. He was a walking disaster.

But not only his body, his personal life as well. He was constantly between jobs and his turbulent marriage ended in divorce with his ex-wife gaining sole custody of their daughter.

This man’s life was ruled by chaotic energy.

The universe and everything in it, is made up of energy. This is science folks, not woowoo new age stuff. Everything vibrates at some level of frequency, even rocks, although a whole lot slower than we humans.

Chaotic energy vibrates in unpredictable patterns. When a person is surrounded by this kind of energy, random events and circumstances, some good and some bad, are attracted to them.

Folks living in chaotic energy can experience great luck only to be followed by bad luck. Circumstances in their life seem to swing from one end of the spectrum to another. But whatever occurs, there is sure to be lots of drama surrounding it.

A person might win money in a lottery only to  have their car break done so the winnings will have to be used to fix or replace the vehicle. Their dream job is offered to them only to have the company downsize and then get laid off. Or they attract the perfect mate but sabotage the relationship by cheating on them.

Sometimes the chaos is more insidious and not a pendulous as the examples above. You finally get ahead on your finances and build a little rainy day fund but every time you get to a certain comfort level in the account a mini crisis happens and you need to pull funds. Or you have no problem getting dates but can’t seem to find that special someone. Chaotic energy may still be in play.

So what exactly is chaotic energy? Firstly, what I am really talking about is spiritual chaotic energy. If you google the term chaotic energy, you might find plenty of sites talking about magic and spells, the occult or even the game, World of Warcraft. That is not what I mean, although there are similarities regarding the disruptive energy created.

I like to think of spiritual chaotic energy as a tornado with the person in its center. Life spins wildly around them spitting out arbitrary bits of energy. Visualize a tornado that touches down randomly, leaving total devastation it its wake in some parts while totally missing other areas, leaving them untouched and whole.

Chaotic energy can mess with some aspects of your life leaving then in shambles but pass over other parts. Your relationships may be healthy and strong but your career life might resemble a rollercoaster. But if your life is totally out of energetic balance than chances are that tornado is leaving great swaths of damage.

So how do you know if you are attracting chaotic energy or just going through a bad patch in your life right now? Here are 6 clues that may be telling you that you have the potential for allowing chaotic energy into your life.

  1. The glass is half empty. Consider what you say and how you say it. Are you a Debbie downer, always pointing out what could go wrong? Do you live in the world of absolutes by using words like “always” and “never” as in, “it always rains here” or “I’ll never find love.” Remember, what you think about, you attract. So you are actually attracting exactly what you don’t want, which is in conflict with what you truly do want and that creates a whirl of contradicting, chaotic energy.
  2. The drama squad. Is your core group of friends a bunch of drama queens and gossips? Do they make their problems bigger than they really are and do they talk behind other people’s backs, all the while building themselves up in the process? This is soul sucking negative energy, the type that will weaken your ability to fend off chaotic energy.
  3. Commitment phobic. Are you afraid to make a decision for fear something better might come around? Are you waiting for the perfect mate? Do you put conditions on the decision you do make such as, “I will take this job only until something better comes along.” When you are unable to make purposeful decision and then stick with them, you leave yourself open to random energy and it’s not always the good type.
  4. No purpose for me. Do you have a game plan for your life or are you just living randomly, going with the flow? Sometimes that’s a good thing, especially when you are at the beginning of a major life change, but at some point you have to have a purpose to move your life forward. Living life with no plans means life will (randomly) plan for you.
  5. Thrill seeker. Are you an adrenaline junkie, living life on the wild side? If so, let’s be honest here, you are the poster child for chaotic energy affecting your life. You are in fact naturally attracted to it because you thrive off of the extremes.
  6. Addicted to love or any obsessive behaviour for that matter? Addictions such as substance abuse, unhealthy dependency on another, gambling or any fixation that takes up an inappropriate amount of your time and energy, leaves your life imbalanced and susceptible to chaotic energy entering your personal energetic field.

My acquaintance from above lived his life on the edge. He abused alcohol, loved being in the middle of a drama, had no filters on his words which resulted, more than once, with a fist to the face. He demonstrated his lack of commitment to his family with his cavalier ways and, along with the lack of purpose in his life, it all added up to a continued cycle of chaotic energy.

Chaotic energy in and of itself can be very addictive because drama, even negative drama, can make you feel alive. Once you get used to it and it becomes the norm in your life it is like any other abusive behaviour where you will spiral down until a major crisis happens that hopefully, wakes you up to change.

It was only after he had lost everything he cared about that the man I once knew searched his soul and made the changes necessary to balance his life, and the energy he attracted in to it.

So if you find yourself continually on the roller coaster of life, never getting ahead, never achieving your deeply held dreams, experiencing more downs than ups, then maybe you would be wise to look at what is causing the imbalance.

Odds are, you probably know what it is. If you don’t, look to the things that create guilt in you. The things that the little voice inside of you says, ” I really shouldn’t be doing this.” That is a good first clue to finding out what is feeding the chaotic energy in your life.

Identifying the triggers and then purposely making positive changes to remove or at least avoid them will help attract a stronger, more loving energy flow into your life so you can live your life with more purpose, integrity and achievement.

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7 thoughts on “6 Signs That You May Be Attracting Chaotic Energy

  1. “I like to think of spiritual chaotic energy as a tornado with the person in its center.” I love this sentence, there was a time in my life when that’s exactly where I was, but I didn’t know it then. Thank you

  2. What an interesting post–and insightful way of looking at emotional chaos. Some of the Six Clues seem to be feelings/emotions/drives most of us share–but in moderation. It’s the immoderation that seems to create the tornado, and the inability to put them in context or surround ourselves with calmer energies. . .

    1. So true. Moderation and balance in everything. That’s my motto. Yet it is curious how a lot of folks just don’t get that. 🤔 Thanks for reading and. Commenting.

    1. You would have to believe in luck , either good or bad. I believe in the vibration of energy we attract which comes from the attitudes we have. But if the energy you put out is chaotic, meaning you are not in control of it or your life, then you attract what you might call bad luck. Like attracts like.

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