Chaotic Energy And The World We Live In Right Now

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My number one blog, the one that gets the most views of all of then is on personal chaotic energy. I find it interesting that when drama in the news rises, so does the views of this one post.

So I thought I would talk about chaotic energy in the world right now and how, as a collective consciousness, we are feeding into it.

What is chaotic energy?

First, let me say that all things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. Even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating at various frequencies, just at a much slower rate. The molecules and atoms oscillating within an object create this energy.

A Phenomenon in nature can happen when alike things come together. They tend to start vibrating in a similar pattern, they resonate, or in other words, they sync up.

For example, some types of fireflies, when in a group, begin to flash at the same time as they start to resonate at the same vibrational frequency. The moon has synced it’s orbit with the earth in such a way that we always see it’s face instead of it rotating around on it’s own cycle. Even woman in the same household have been known to sync up their energies and experience their menstrual cycles at the same time. Pity the poor man in an all female household.

This could explain why we can connect quickly with another person and feel like we’ve known then forever because our vibrations are probably similar to begin with so our personalities resonate in conscious coherence.

But a lot of folks are not feeling in sync with the world right now. More and more are feeling anxious around a host of global issues and are increasingly expressing emotions that are not normally how they would feel. Feelings like suspicion, jealously, anger, frustration, loss. They feel a loss of control over their way of life and personal lifestyle at a level where they do not feel connected to the whole. This has resulted in divisive sub groups, with definite views, forming in society as they search for familiarity. An “us” against “them” mentality.

Humans are hard wired for connection. We consciously and unconsciously seek out like minded people to tribe with, safety in numbers after all. Our vibrational energy wants to resonate with others and in turn have then resonate with us.

Things were going along just fine as we lived out our lives in small communities where folks held similar values and beliefs and people who did not “sync” with the collective, either left or were marginalized to the fringes.

But technology happened and now we are a global community and all cultures, all walks of life are now connected via yet another vibrational frequency –  the internet.

Are you addicted to the news? Before you answer that, consider life before 24 hour cable news channels became available. Consider life before the internet, and while we’re at it, consider life before almost 67% of the world’s population owned a cell phone. The fact is, unless you live off the grid in some remote corner of the world, you are exposed to the happenings of the world.

Before the advent of all this technology, where we now can see events in real time, as it happens, the majority of folks could receive their daily news update only a couple of times a day, reported to you by a trusted newscaster without any personal opinion or commentary – just the facts. Today via the internet, everyone has an opinion, everyone can have their voice heard, everyone can demand your attention, even if you don’t want to give it.

Think of it like watching a television but instead of seeing only one program at a time, we are getting many programs at once. And this is where chaotic energy comes in. Experiencing coherent energy is when the energy that flows in and around you is vibrating in resonance (in sync) to your own unique vibrational frequency. Chaotic energy is when the energy that flows in and around you is vibrating in a state of disorder and confusion which conflicts with your own unique vibrational frequency. Your personal energy receives other energy like a television, when there are so many conflicting signals coming at you at any given time, how can you sync up with coherent (like minded) vibrations .

So what can we do about this? How can we find coherence once again in the world around us?

If you belief the new age theories that human consciousness is ascending, or in other words, humans are evolving into higher vibrational frequencies, then you might have a little faith that we will evolve as a species to accommodate more and more input, but in reality, it is our emotions that will need to evolve in order for us to create a greater coherence for a larger vibrational field.

You see, emotions vibrate at different frequencies as well. So do words, which are usually just an extension of the emotional level we vibrate at. We can boil down emotions into 2 categories – love and fear. In the fear category are negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, hate, contempt, suspicion, betrayal, anxiety, guilt, detachment and divisiveness, and the words that are produced by them are low vibrating frequencies. The love category includes the highest vibrating emotional frequencies and by extension the words we use at this emotional level such as happiness, joy, gratitude, peace, contentment, compassion, empathy and connection are high vibrating as well. So maintaining a high vibrating emotional level and using high vibrating words, is how we will evolve as a conscious race.

Momma was right when she said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

It is true though, that in order for modern society to get past this era of distrust, we need to get past the “us” and “them” mentality and find another way, a third way. One where the rights and opinions of all are respected but also a way where we can move past our differences and instead find a new, and higher vibrating, common ground.

Did you, in the moment that you read that last paragraph, have a flash of skepticism? Then understand that there in lies the real problem. The solution to all this chaotic energy in our world today starts with the emotion of hope. Because, after all, we really only have control over our own personal responses to all this outside stimuli that bombards us every day. Our thoughts also create a vibrational frequency. If you chose hopeful thoughts over negative thoughts and pair them with high vibrating emotions such as compassion and empathy, you create within yourself a powerful, balancing energy that goes a long way to shielding yourself from the discordant chaotic energy that is running rampant in the world today.

The universe is always seeking to create balance and order out of chaos. Humans have the capacity to do this as well. To evolve as a species there needs to be a conscious effort, en masse, to create the tipping point of high vibration energy so that it flows on its own and becomes the new balance and order here on earth.

The hippies of the 1960’s had it right. It’s all about good vibrations. So let’s get groovy and vibrate in harmony, peace and understanding. Not only will you personally live a more balance energetic life but you’ll spread good vibes to others as well.





















































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